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There is something about doing something consistently, each time you don’t do it, you feel like you are missing out. The book crush for the week is here and I am glad to be doing this again. It’s my birthday week and I must say I just experienced the best of my birthdays yet. It was amazing. How was your week, dear one? Today on Book Crush Friday, we would be reviewing Masterpiece, a novel by Francine Rivers.

Masterpiece is one of the Christian romance stories written by Francine River. If you aren’t a fan of Christian fiction, I recommend you read this novel or any other novel written by Francine River, you will surely have a change of mind. I enjoyed every bit of Masterpiece.

The story

After Grace Moore suffered an abusive marriage and heartbreak, she decided to forget all there is about love and falling in love. In her pain, depression, she followed her friend’s advice, she went out to a club in a bid to deal with her sorrow but that step only complicated things for her. Just like a lady on a one night stand, she got pregnant without even knowing the father of the baby she was carrying. That’s messy right?

Yeah, so messy.

Roman Valesco is another character in this novel, Roman taught he had everything he wanted; money, fame and women, he had all he wanted but there was a gap in his life, he was consistently hunted by his past, something that pushes him into crime of graffiti. His life was a mess but he hid it well. His home was a mess too.

All Roman’s effort to let out his anger and pain were risky to his career as a famous artist but it seemed that was the only way he could relief the burden of his past each time his past comes knocking but it wasn’t so. His life didn’t make much sense until he yielded to God. His journey to knowing God is remarkable and it emphasise the fact that there is no one past redemption.

It’s amazing how our childhood experience mould us and shape who we become as adults. Grace and Roman had terrifying childhood or what do you call it when a child witnesses the killing of her mother by her own father. It was scary. Roman’s mum also left him at home several times, till she died of drugs. This story reminds me to deal with people with understanding. Not everyone grew up with right and wholesome experiences, some had it rough. This understanding will help us not to give up on people easily.

I recommend this book to anyone with a terrifying childhood, hurtful past or anyone who has made a mistake that makes it look as if things will never be fine again. Beyond that, you deserve an interesting book like this book. Read and enjoy life (Smiles).

My thought

I wasn’t expecting anything less from Francine Rivers, her books are always a hit for me. Each time I grab any of them, I feel like I am on top of the world, in fact, hunger becomes far from me when I read from her. From this story, I saw how God cleaned up the messes in Grace’ life. I saw how Roman got healed of a broken past. The story looks so real to me and I will conclude this review with this true lesson I got from the book when it looks all messy and nothing smell or feels good about your life, be patient, stay with God and in God and watch Him fix things, watch him fix you and make you whole.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

You are a masterpiece, dear one. Allow God to work things out for you. Thanks for reading, do have an awesome weekend. Much love from here.


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