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Book Crush Friday is back, I am excited. Last week, I couldn’t reveal our book crush for the week because we had to celebrate with our friends, the Abiodun Ojons, their love story is indeed beautiful and you should check it out here if you haven’t. How was your week, dear one? This week, we would be reviewing Redeeming Love, a novel written by Francine Rivers.

The Story

Angel (Sarah) had been through a lot of abuse right from childhood, she had been used by men. All her memories and thoughts only had to do with being used as a commercial tool. Her beauty, elegance and gait attracted men to her and in turn, she brought so much fortune to her masters. At a point in her life, it was as though she was moving from frying pan to fire, from an aggressive user to another. All men ever wanted from her was her body.

These experiences shaped her and hardened her. She never believed anyone could love her without wanting anything in return. This story is an allegory of Hosea and his wife in the Bible. Like God instructed Hosea to marry Gomer, Michael was instructed to marry Sarah. From the time she lost her mum, she lived on another identity all through until he was broken by Michael’s love.

Looking at this story, it is indeed true that perfect love cast out fear, perfect love can out he pat and heal. Only a man like Michael, who was patient and loving could have loved Angel genuinely. Michael’s character depicts God’s love toward us. How God keeps coming for us despite our past, wrong doing and lack of identity.

Angel went back to prostitution over and over again but Michael kept looking out to bring her back and he did that two times. At a point, God told him not to bother about bringing her back, he had to leave her in God’s moulding hand. This act in itself teaches us to let go and let God in our lives and the lives of our loved one while we keep praying and trusting God for the next instruction.

God had to tell Michael not to search to bring Angel back the third time because He wanted her to experience Him personally. In all, this story is a must-read. I had a good time reading it and I won’t hesitate to recommend it over and over again.

To everyone who has ever felt useless or worthless, this story will go a long way to help you see how God sees you correctly. Regardless of what we have been through, we are indeed God’s treasure and He is looking out for us. Only His love can reshape us, heal us and make us live our truth identity.

Have you read this novel? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Thank you for reading, you are a treasure.


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