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Review of Tangled Chords, a novel written by Osar Adeyemi

I could write a whole book from this story. It has a special place in my heart.🥰 Last year March, I came in contact with one of Osar Adeyemi’s After the storm, and I couldn’t resist reading the rest. They are all amazing!

But this! Tangled Chords is super amazing. Sometimes, I feel I lack the right words to do justice. I followed the story from Facebook and I was always on the lookout for the next episode. The suspense, fun, drama, reflection moments etc are superb.

This story right here, taught me a whole lot. There was even a time I sent the author a DM and said, it’s like you are talking to me through this story o.😂

I love the characters, very real set of people. The storyline touches on different aspects of life. Love, staging a comeback to God, forgiveness, submission to God etc. I feel everyone will find something to learn from at least one of the characters. Everyone.

I’d recommend this novel over and over again. Coming from an avid reader, mehn! This story is indeed a wholesome alternative. Thanks for writing this masterpiece, ma’am @osaradeyemi 💕. I ‘loveeee ett’.

💥Available on Okadabooks and Amazon

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