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Review of Tearless, a novel by Ayo Deforge

The author, Ayo Deforge, did a great job. The vivid description of Lami’s life made it seem like I had known her since childhood. I could easily say she lived down across my street.

Tearless reveals the depth and impact of childhood trauma. It is often said that what we become as adults is related to our childhood and that’s true, if there is no intervention whatsoever. 

Lami had more than a fair share of childhood trauma. It was bad enough to break her. This story is quite reflective, makes one to understand that not everyone has it rosy in life. 

The author also emphasised some truths which include the fact that Family is not only about blood relations. 

Even though it took Lami a long time to heal, I must say she displayed so much strength. I liked it when she finally accepted her reality and the need to move on, seek theraphy and choose to be happy.

The author explored themes like forgiveness, making peace with one’s past, family, dealing with childhood trauma, domestic violence, and lots more.


Oh, I love how the author infused the French language into the story, it shows the beauty of being a multi-lingual. It felt like I had been to Paris too.😂

And the love…😄

Lami truly deserved a breath of fresh air and I am glad she got it.

💥I love the author’s sense of humour

The part where Lami got nicknamed Tamba got me laughing so hard, probably because that was the word we used when we were growing up too.😂😂😂.

One more thing…

It beats my imagination that Lami’s mum couldn’t rescue her each time she went through hell. Why was she so helpless?

In all, it was quite reflective and I enjoyed reading it.

You can get your copy on Amazon or Bambooks. Thank you.❤️


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