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Yippee💃💃💃. It’s another edition on Book Crush Friday. I’m excited. How was your week, dear one?😉 Last week we had a special edition and over 5 books featured on the review. If you missed it, just click here. Today, we would be reviewing THE CANDLE IN THE WIND, a novel written by Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu.

One of my friends told me she enjoyed this novel and I decided to read too. Wow! If you asked me about my reading experience, I’d simply say it was awesome and you should find time to read it too. Don’t worry the link to download will be attached at the end of this review.

The story started with Precious’ quest to hear God. She felt God wasn’t interested in speaking to her but she was wrong. God delights in speaking to us, even though He speaks to us through other people too. We all have to know and learn how God speaks to us. God spoke to her through her Pastor and even through her own vision. It would be wrong for us think the only time we have to hear from God is time to choose a spouse because God is interested in every aspect of our lives.

Mrs Idile was going through a hard time but everyone around her thought she was fine until God revealed what she was going through to Tony and Precious. Pst. Idile’s lifestyle reminded me of a movie I once watched, Busy but Guilty. Insensitivity to people around us can make us lose them. While we seek to be intimate with God, we must not neglect our family and other important relationships in our lives like Pst. Idile. It took God’s mercy to revive his family.

Emerald, Gem and Ruby were victims of a failed marriage but God’s mercy restored them. There is indeed nothing God cannot do if we seek Him and trust Him. No matter what you are going through, you  can choose to make the best decision by talking to God about it.

The themes range from hearing God, Love, Family, and Healing. In all, this novel speaks largely of God’s love and power to meet our needs, heal the sick and raise the dead. It is full of suspense. Are you out there longing to  hear God, make sensitive decisions or you just want to have fun and enjoy an inspiring story, this novel is highly recommended.

The lessons I learnt from this story are surely going to stay with me. Thanks to Lizzy Oyebola for writing such a great book. You can get your copy here.

You can also check out the previous books that have been featured on #BookCrushFriday here. Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful weekend. Lots of love.


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