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Review of ‘The One Who Sees Me’ written by Joan Embola

Hi Fam😍, it’s so good to be back again. Not that I haven’t been reading but life gets busy at times🫣. So join me as I review The One Who Sees Me, a novel written by Joan Embola

I started reading Joan’s books after Osar Adeyemi reviewed one of her books and it’s been worth it. I have no doubt that you’d enjoy her books too. The One Who Sees Me is the third book in Sovereign Love Series. Now, let’s get to the review…


With a beautiful choice of words and well-chosen Bible verses that will stick to you long after you are done reading, Joan Embola depicts the struggles, challenges, and transformation of Heather’s life.

When I met Heather in the prequel-The One Who Loves Me, she was a hot mess, but in ‘The One Who Sees Me,’ she has been redeemed, and the story is such a beautiful one.

I love how the novel takes us through the struggles of an addicted person and how she was able to overcome them with God’s help and good friends. The beautiful unfolding of each chapter shows how much a life can change when God is in it.

I would recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction, unforgiveness and anyone who loves good love stories. Here are some of the lessons from the novel;

💥God forgives us whenever we ask Him to, we should extend that same grace to others too.

💥Sexual purity is possible, regardless of one’s rough sexual past.

💥Addictions, no matter how bad, can be overcome.

💥The importance of Maintaining good and godly relationships cannot be overemphasized.

💥As a parent, don’t force your ambitions on your children. 

I could go on and on but I’d stop here

Thank you for writing this series, Joan Embola. I’m looking forward to reading the fourth book in the series, The One Who Holds Me.

Fam, you can get your copy on Scribd, Okadabooks, Bambooks, and Amazon. Read and share your views with me too. Thank you.❤️

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