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Review of ‘The Path’

It’s another edition on our weekly Book Crush.💃💃💃The last for this beautiful month. Wow! God has been faithful. I trust it’s been a great month for you too?🥰 Today, we would be reviewing The Path, a novel written by Joy Salami.

Reading this book brought back a lot of memories for me. How I sought admission into the university for so many years.😩

At a point, I almost changed my mind that I wasn’t going to study Law anymore but thank God for divine guidance and the gift of men. Well, that’s a story for another day😃

One of those things that fascinated me about Joy’s book was that she chose a subject that most of us had to deal with. So many young ones out there are still dealing with it.

The themes of the novel are; Guidance, Decision, Friendship and Love.

The characters represent the young ones around us. In the story, Philip was able to overcome his addiction to pornography with the help of a mentor and godly friends. This buttresses the fact that the friends we keep matters a lot.

My Father would usually say some people started well but related with the wrong people and they ended wrong while some people started wrong but related with the right people and their lives changed. That was the case of Kate in this novel.

I kept remembering my days as an undergrad as I read through. The truth is, for everyone we meet, there is a reason, thank God Jessica was sensitive enough to sense what Kate needed.

She helped her overcome her fears and introduced her to the most important relationship ever- a relationship with Jesus.

In this novel, Dr Shiwa’s advice went a long way to help his students make the right choices. We all need godly mentors on our path in life.

I could go on and on talking about this novel but I would rather stop here.😀

I know of so many young ones who are struggling with their academics because they chose the wrong course, a novel like this will help them get things right.

In all, this novel is highly recommended, you should get a copy for yourself and your loved ones. It’s free. Get your copy here. Just click on ‘add cart’ and follow the process. Thank you, Joy for writing this amazing book. It is also available across digital platforms; Amazon, Bambooks, etc. P.S: I helped her do that. I can help you too😉

See you next week. Oh, Storytime with Mama Awero comes up tomorrow. 💃Anticipate! You are loved🥰


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