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Trust your week was fine? Regardless of how it went, it can only get better. God got us.😉 Yeah, it’s another great time on BookCrushFriday. I hope you had a nice time seeing the movie we reviewed last week. You can still check it out here if you haven’t. Let’s move on to this week’s review. We’d be reviewing THE VISITOR, a Christian Fiction written by Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu. I had a nice time reading this book.

The first time I came across Lizzy Oyebola’s writings, one of her series, I got hooked till I was done reading and ‘fiam’, I was inspired to write one of my favourite poems.

Guess what I did afterwards, I searched through Facebook and I sent her a friend request and since then, she has been a great blessing to me.

Now, I am pinching myself already. I am saying “Temidayo, get into the review na’


There couldn’t have been a better title to this book. The cover page and title were well chosen.   

This beautiful story is about a family; Lara, Bode and their twins, Jemima and Jedidah. A change came into their lives when a visitor came into their lives. One adage says “when God wants to bless a man, He sends someone and also, when the devil wants to destroy a man, he sends someone too.

In so many ways, God comes ahead of the devil. Lara had dreamt of what was going to happen but she didn’t take it seriously. This neglect shook her family and almost led to the end of her daughter’s life. I once heard a man say that all he needs is a prayerful woman and he would be good. In this story, the wrong idea that makes men think only women should be spiritually sensitive almost ruined Bode’s life.

The themes range from Love, Family, Betrayal, Forgiveness, Authority, and Spiritual sensitivity. Everyone seeking to have a sweet home should read this novel. It is full of lessons. Some of the lessons include; taking note of our dreams even if it means keeping a note on our bed so that we can write them down and pray about them.

Also, the way Bode’s Father handled the conflict that was almost tearing his family apart shows that we need to be patient in handling situations. The way we know best may not be the best but we can always trust the Holy Spirit to help us every time. Most times, it is not about how far we can argue out a matter.

This story is a story of warfare told in a beautiful way. If I am told to recommend a non fiction for singles planning to get married or married couples, I would definitely recommend this book. Thanks so much, Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu. Connect with her on Facebook and Youtube. She runs a blog and a Vlog.

Get your copy of THE VISITOR here.

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Much love from me.❤

One powerful video from her Vlog.


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