I see you up there
Being celebrated for yet another success
You’re the cover of a nation’s magazine
“That could have been me”
I often say to myself

I see you on my TV screen
At the center of earth’s cameras
To the world; a great view
“That could have been me”
I said to myself again

You’re the peak of my dreams
The exact person I want to be
It seemed like a step away
Could I trade my boots
For a day in your shoes

Soon after I later learnt
How those shoes of yours were earned
Lacing them was hard work
Trusting God as your only source
You strived to be all I wish to be

Of this sincere truth I dearly say
Wishes may rain
But only diligence makes a sea
And now that I know how it works
I’ll stop my idle wishes and get to work

Adebisi Temidayo



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Hello there,

I am Bolanle Temidayo Ogunleye, a Lawyer, a Christian Blogger and an author of two Amazon bestsellers- Love Beyond Words and Priceless.

Some of my readers know me by my pen name-TemidayoRiches.

I love writing. My writings will inspire you towards a closer walk with God.

Stay glued as I inspire you to live your best life.

Thank you!

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  1. Temmy_D says:

    Thank you sir

    1. TemidayoRiches says:

      You’re welcome,Sis

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