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Happy weekend, Fam😍. I have something beautiful for you today. 💃💃You followed the book crush review last week, right? This novel, Separated, is a sequel to it. I had a nice time reading it. Join me as we review Separated, a novel written by Tope Omotosho.

Daniel and Efe’s marriage was a tug of war, devoid of love. It was a forced marriage and they had to separate. Though I never envisaged that they would, I knew they wouldn’t get along easily because the foundation of their marriage was wrong.

It was more like Efe lured Daniel to marry her but the outcome wasn’t palatable.
On the other hand, Daniel was no saint either as he went ahead to break their marriage vows several times, even on their wedding day. Who does that? 😳Daniel Nwachuckwu did.

In the long run, they went their separate ways. Efe eventually found a good lover, Amanze, who was ready to keep his relationship with her at all cost. Later, Daniel who once deserted his wife wanted her back by all means. Efe was caught up in a dilemma as a result of this. You may want to ask, did she go back to her husband or did she marry her new lover, find out in the book😂

I love the sequence of events that followed, the divorce etc. Everything was well planned by God as God worked on each individual separately. It was an interesting read.

No case is closed with God

You can live beyond a besetting sin just like Daniel but it will take discipline and total submission with God.

God has a plan for you, it doesn’t matter how hurt or how bad your mistakes are.

Just like the first in the series, Always One More Time, I enjoyed the novel, the plot. I love the climax too.

I’d recommend this novel to anyone who loves good fiction, to anyone struggling in their work with God. God isn’t tired of you.

After reading this, I am keen on finding out what happened to Zainab, Adesewa’s friend. I’d be back. 🤗🤪

Get your copy, Fam. It’s available on Okadabooks, Bambooks and Amazon.

Thanks for reading😍. Happy New Month in advance.Our intriguing Sunday series, Lost, continues tomorrow. Don’t miss it!🥰


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