I pitied her
Sincerely,she’d been through odds
The last time I saw her at the ward
She was full of tears,
tears of wasted years
I could hear her heart panting with fear
Fears of death,
Worsened health
All for a loosened belt
She stared,the Doctor made her hope melt,
For the hopelessness was clearly spelt

Hmm,How’d I help?
She felt all hope was  lost
I could read her lips
as pain ravaged her hips,
She said “I wanted the geep,
I was lost,my sins were deep”

But yet,
I  said;
Dear,you can still ‘ve peace
You don’t have to search through Greece ,
For the Redeemer still saves
Though,Men misbehave
Jesus still restores
He’s got health in his store
In Him,death is escaped,
and all hope restored
‘Cos He went to the cross
With our sins as “a dross”
And since then,He became the boss
All because He bore it all
We’re freed from the fall

Yeah,Jesus bore it all
So you can live
Glory! Jesus took it all
Come to Jesus,come alive
Jesus bore it all
Just believe
And you shall live…

Regardless of the situation and reports,Come to Jesus, and you shall live again without pain.Jesus bore it all.The chastisement of our peace was upon Him.Halleluyah!



#Jesus Heals


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  1. Mercy says:

    Jesus still saves!

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