SING ALOUD Episode 001: An Interview with Abosede Sokan

It’s with great pleasure that I welcome you to the first episode of the Sing Aloud series. From time to time, we would be delighted to have great people doing great things for Christ live on this interview.

On this golden episode, we have AdunJesu, a gospel artist. I have known her for so many years now and her growth has brought joy to me and many others. Her divinely inspired songs are a sure companion. You need to listen to them. Without many words, relax, sit back, and enjoy the interview.🤗

TemidayoRiches: Can we meet you?

Adun: I am Adunola Abosede Sokan. I am a Musicologist, a Writer, and a Fashion designer. I am popularly known as AdunJesuAra.

TemidayoRiches: Wow. That’s beautiful! So, I’d be calling you Adun all through this interview. I am sure you are cool with it, right?

Adun: Smiles. Yes ma’am. Thank you.

TemidayoRiches: Alright. When did you start your music career?

Adun: I started in November 2016

TemidayoRiches: Interesting! That’s 4 years ago. It’s been a while. How has it been?

Adun: Well, Great. Glory to God for the Journey and the story so far.

TemidayoRiches: Yeah. God be praised. Since you started out your music career, can you tell us how many songs have you released and how can we get them?

Adun: By the grace of God, I have 5 now. An album of 3 tracks and 2 singles.

TemidayoRiches: Wow. Great! How can we get these songs

Adun: The first album of 3 tracks is on You can get them directly through these links.

  1. Mysterious Worship 1
  2. Master plan
  3. Tìrẹ Ni

4. Àánú, my first single will be on boom play soon but you can get ÈRÙ, my second single here.

TemidayoRiches: In one of your albums, Master Plan, there is this particular track that caught my attention, TIRENI, Can you tell us the encounter you had before you sang the song?

Adun: Smiles. ‘Tìrẹ ni’ is the result of my experience, my encounter and my confession.
I had a wonderful encounter with the Lord and I was inspired to write Tìrẹ Ni. All that happened actually taught me a great lesson, which is; “no matter how hard I try to please myself or want to just live for myself, it won’t just work out for me“.

I’ve tried countless times to let go of the Almighty but His grace keeps calling me, I got tired of this journey because of some bad experiences I had earlier, but I believe the Holy Spirit taught me that whatever I have or become, it all belongs to God who gives liberally to men.

TemidayoRiches: Hmm. It all belongs to God. No wonder the song is so inspirational.

Is there anything you will like us to know about music?

Adun: Music has always been the best thing I do.
Music heals, Music hurts. It all depends on the type of music you listen to.

Music plays a very important role in communication, it’s so easy to communicate with music because it keeps coming to our minds. We sing songs and it is always easy to remember. I also believe music is life.

TemidayoRiches: Wow. Ma’am Adun, that’s expository. We have to choose what we listen to.

Has there been any challenge since you started out your music career?

Adun: Hmm…. a lot but glory to God for the story so far. Music is challenging in itself, not to talk of Gospel music. In all, God has been my help,my strength, and my Shield.

TemidayoRiches: I love that. Challenge is inevitable but God is our help. He really is.

How were you able to handle those challenges?

Adun: Through the help of God. Him alone

I actually prayed to God and made some decisions that helped me out. It was even tough and rough at some point. It was such that I thought I won’t be able to proceed again but through the help of God and godly counsels, I still find myself in His perfect plans.

TemidayoRiches: It’s been a wonderful time with you, ma’am. Do you have any advice to gospel artists out there?

Adun: Yes (smiles) My advice is that we should always look up to Him who has called us, follow His plans for us, and most importantly, understand what He wants us to do so that we won’t fail Him at the end of the day.

I believe the first thing is not fame but God Himself who sent us and gave Himself for us. Life is a gradual process, we will surely get there. Focus on your own JOURNEY.

TemidayoRiches: Great. ‘Focus on your own journey’

It’s been a wonderful time with you, ma’am Adun. Thanks so much for your time. We are grateful.

Adun: The pleasure is mine. Thanks for having me.

Thanks, guys. Thanks for staying through
I have no doubt that you enjoyed the interview. Don’t forget to check out her songs through the links. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Much love😍


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  1. Such brief and wonderful interview

    It is quite challenging for Christian singers out there, but God’s grace is more than enough. May God hold you through it all, ma’am

    I will do well to download and listen to those songs.

    Weldone sis, this Interview is definitely the beginning of something greater. Much love

    1. Thanks so much, dear Sis❤
      Amen to the prayer.

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