SING ALOUD Episode 002: An Interview with Dr. Moji Adegbite, Destiny Sings

Hurray, it’s another edition on Sing Aloud. If you are on my mailing list you would have seen my dancing emoji yesterday. The excitement is in my bones💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. When you read through the interview you will know why. Interviews can be refreshing and interesting at the same time. This interview with Dr. Moji Adegbite, Destiny Sings, ticks the two boxes. Come with me.

TemidayoRiches: Can we meet you, ma? Your name, life goals, achievement, etc

Destiny Sings: My name is Dr. Adegbite Mojisola Florence. My goals in life are to fulfill God’s will for my life in all ramifications as a Christian, wife, mother, civil servant, etc.

I’m a medical doctor by profession, advancing in my career by various levels of training.

I’m a gospel artist, with 3 songs to my credit, and working presently on a new one.

I’m also by the grace of God called into ministry, with graces outflows from the Holy Spirit.

TemidayoRiches: That’s beautiful! It’s fascinating to know that you wear some many caps at once. How has it been combining your profession with your ministry as a gospel artist?

Destiny Sings: (Smiles) It has been challenging, especially considering the complicated nature of my profession but what keeps me going is the fact that I see my profession as a platform God gave me to fulfill His mandate and I believe when we all stand before God, no excuse will be accepted for not being all I’m called to do.

TemidayoRiches: Hmm, That’s great! We can face any situation if we have this understanding. I am inspired.

Is there any thing that drives you to do these great work you are doing right now?

Destiny Sings: Yes, the achievement and impact you make on the lives of men through your gifts and talents is the major thing that outlives you. Also, when you carry a calling of God in your bosom, it will literally burn, and you’ll feel miserable until you are fulfilling it. Remember Brother Paul?

Lastly, God knows our lives are in compartments and He is willing to release enough graces into our lives to cope with everything we have to do. So, with these at the back of my mind, I manage my time well.

TemidayoRiches: Great! We have great potentials. Over the years, we have seen people who leave out important aspects of their lives, especially spiritual, because of other pressing demands. How have you been able to create a balance in every aspect of life? 

Destiny Sings: I multi task at times. I pray in the spirit sometimes while on duty.

I leave messages playing sometimes when I am doing some less demanding things, just to soak in the word into my spirit. I try to delegate my duties at times too. God blessed me with a good producer and video covering the man. I also have a Content manager helping out with my pages.

TemidayoRiches: Wow. That’s wisdom. We are learning.

When did you start your music career?

Destiny Sings: I was a member of my church choir while growing up, and later a choir leader of my university teaching hospital choir, CSF, OOUTH, Sagamu.

TemidayoRiches: It’s been a while.

Have you been faced with any challenge on your journey as a Gospel artist?

Destiny Sings: Yes, a lot.

The time it demands sometimes affect my commitment to my other duties.

Meeting financial needs to produce the song, have a good video, and finally promote or market,  with no profit coming in at present.

But most importantly, resisting temptations to lower my spiritual principles, and do what some other people do to gain popularity, fame, wealth, and worldly acceptance.

Official video: Friends in high places by Moji Adegbite

TemidayoRiches: Do you have any advice you’d like to give to aspiring gospel artists out there?

Destiny SIngs: Every gospel artist should first decide why they want to sing, I mean, check their motives.

Is it to bring glory to the name of Jesus, and be a blessing to mankind, or is it for fame, money, or affluence?

Since music will take the listeners back to where it came from, they should maintain an intimate relationship with God for a strong spirit, and preserve their vessels; their bodies from sexual sins for His holy use.

TemidayoRiches: Do you have gospel artists you admire in the gospel music industry, probably as mentors;

Destiny Sings: Yes

I was divinely privileged to meet a woman of God, who operates in the prophetic anointing with Holy Spirit inspired music ministry, in the person of Rev (Mrs) Oyenike Areogun.

Though I have been blessed by other other gospel singers like Cece Winans, Shirley Caesar, Bola Are, etc, I learnt from Rev. Mrs. Areogun. I learnt how to receive songs from your spirit.

TemidayoRiches: That’s interesting. What inspires you. How do you get the inspiration to sing?

Destiny Sings: I take time to pray in the Holy Ghost and I sing out of my spirit. Sometimes, the songs come from the verses of the Bible I have read and meditated on or from listening to a sermon that inspired me and my experience; It may be the comfort, charge or encouragement I receive from God. I write the songs out raw and work on the them and my producer also fine tune them using his expertise and knowledge.

TemidayoRiches: Great!

Even though you didn’t mention that you are a poet earlier. I must say I read your collection of poems, Echoes of my Heartcry,and I was thrilled and inspired. Where can we get the book?

Destiny Sings: Oh thanks. Echoes of my heart cry will be relaunched. It will available be available  as an eBook on different digital platforms soon.

TemidayoRiches: How can we get your songs,ma’am?

Destiny Sings: My songs are available on different platforms: Kingdomboiz, Gospel Centric and showitnaija but you can watch on Youtube at mojiadegbiteministries through these links


His Name, our Banner.

Friends in high places.

TemidayoRiches: Wow, Wow. It has been awesome and full of lessons. Thanks so much for your time, ma’am. We are grateful

Destiny Sings: The pleasure is mine.

Thanks for reading guys, I have no doubt that you enjoyed the interview. You can follow Destiny Sings on Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to her Youtube Channel @ Mojiadegbiteministries. Have a beautiful week ahead. Lots of love.😍😍😍


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