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Smart Money Woman-Review

Hello Family😍
Happy new month😄. I haven’t said that since this month started. Pheew! It’s the 5th month already💃💃💃.

So today, some other books were calling my name.You’re wondering?😂 Yeah, I could literally hear, “Dayo, pick me, pick me” but I have made a beautiful decision. Come with me as I review the Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu. It’s high time we talked about money.


I have heard a whole lot about this book and I have so many things to say but I won’t bore you. First, the storyline is so relatable. The issues raised in this book are issues we will all have to deal with as time goes on.

In this novel, Zuri was earning much more than an average person her age but she kept getting into debt because of her spending habit.

Adesuwa was too blind to see the ‘cankerworm’ she has as a husband even when it was so clear to others. This led her to a serious financial crisis

Lara had so many responsibilities and this shaped her spending habit. Tami, Laura, and Zuri’s mum also have their money habits.

The stories of these girls mirror what is going on in people’s financial life.

This is one of the most practical books I have ever read. It’s highly educative and recommended. The money lessons, if taken, will surely change one’s financial life.

👉Track your income and expenses.

👉Have the money discussion with your spouse, friends and family.

👉Get other streams of income.

👉Have financial goals and be disciplined with them.

👉Your association matters. The presence of Tsola in Zuri’s life made a lot of difference.

👉Learn how and when to say NO. Zuri’s mum had this problem and it affected her many times.

👉Prudent spending is important. Avoid impulse spending

I could go on and on but I’d stop here. Grab a copy and read. I read this book on Bambooks. It’s also available on Okadabooks.

Have you read this book? Share your lessons with us. Thanks so much for reading. You are loved😍. Have a beautiful weekend.


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