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“Israel, you have not finished your assignments”

“I know, I will finish it later. I am tired, and the questions are hard and too much”

Israel left me at the dinning table and went ahead to the living room. I continued my assignment and was about rounding off when I heard mama calling my name


“Yes mama, I’m coming ma”
I guess it is time for prayers and definitely storytime.
“Mama, I am here”

“Okay dear, please ring the bell”

I took the bell under the center table and rang it. Uncle Ben and Aunty Joyce came to join us as Mama sat right and adjusted her reading glasses before she started saying
Bòdá Àlàgbé was my elder brother and the only blood brother I have because my father was a polygamous man. He had twenty-one children out of which twelve survived him.
Bòdá Àlàgbé was sent to school with my other older siblings but after the first two years in school, my brother told our father that he was tired, that the foreigners who were teachers were strict. He could not hear them well as they spoke through their nose and it was difficult to keep up with them.

Israel Ilerioluwa, let me tell you that Bòdá Àlàgbé was always tired. After he stopped school, he was sent to work on the farm; he was still tired—-he even gave up on learning trade from Bàbá Gánà, the Village Businessman. The only thing my brother was not tired to do was to sleep, eat, drink to stupor and make merry with his friends.

I was tired at a point too. I mean, growing up and building your life is a serious work, especially in a polygamous home. But if you want to make it in life, you must be ready to Work!

“The major difference between my brother and I was that while he ended up as the village drunkard before his eventual demise some years ago, I did not give up. I never gave up despite the hardwork, and I retired as a headmistress”

“My dear children, you must never give up even if you are tired. Keep doing it and trust God to give you strength. So after the prayer, Israel should go back to his assignments and finish them!”

“…and tell Archippus, be sure to finish the task you were given in the Lord service” Col. 4:17 GNB

Israel, many things will come your way to stop you in your walk in life. You can be tired of trying but you must never give up!

Get Up and Work!!!

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