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The whole house is in disarray as we search fruitlessly for the power pack of Israel’s keyboard. The power pack went missing yesterday evening and it has not been found.

We searched for some time to no avail, and after a while I talked Israel into playing football with me, which he did after I promised him he would definitely find his power pack if he relaxes. We enjoyed a great time playing together all afternoon.

Later in the evening, Aunty Joyce came to meet us while we were busy climbing the cashew tree in front of the house.

“Michael! Michael!”

“Yes, Aunty”

“Mama Awero is calling you, and you, Israel, Mama said you should go and collect Pig’s tail from Mama Dele down the street”

Israel rushed out of the compound and went on his errand while I dragged my feet to meet Mama Awero, who I was told was waiting for me in her room. My heart was beating fast as if it would jump out of my chest; my legs were as heavy as a log of wood.
I got to the door leading to Mama’s room and knocked on it before I opened and entered.

“Mama, you sent for me”

“Oh Michael, you are here. Have your seat”

Mama pointed at the chair opposite where she sat and I took my seat. She pulled out a black bag from under her bed and I started shaking like a leaf attacked by breeze.

Mama Awero opened the black bag and brought out Israel’s power pack. She set it down on the floor between us and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“I was quite worried about the missing power pack because we had all searched for it and I had to call his teacher not to come today. I was not at peace because it felt strange that something like that would disappear. So I came to my room to pray and after sometime I felt peace. I sat down to calmly process when last I saw the power pack and the events that occurred later on”

There was a perfect silence in the room and the only sound in the house was the voice of Aunty Joyce, singing in the kitchen. Mama Awero did not talk for a while, then she spoke to me,

“Michael, look up”

I raised my head.

“Who did I give this bag to when I came back from my outing yesterday evening?”


“How did the power pack get there?”

At this point I thought ‘I was made’; I knelt before Mama and started wailing profusely.

“I’m sorry mama…I’m so sorry…Please, don’t tell Israel; he would be very angry”

“How did the power pack get into the bag I gave you to put in my room?”

“I…I put it there….”

“Clean your tears and tell me why?”

“I wanted Michael to play with me. Ever since he got the keyboard, he has been busy with it and I felt lonely. Also, he never allows me play with it. He said it is not a toy and I may spoil it; I just wanted to be with my friend”

“Hmmn….did you try to talk to Israel before taking his power pack?”

“I tried to but the only thing he wants to talk about is whatever new he had just learnt with his keyboard”

“Okay, when my friend, (God bless her memory), Mrs Aborisade, got a car while we were working together. She was very obsessed with the car and used most of her time to learn driving. I was not happy that she started doing things without me. I was so sad that I took my anger to God”

“Do you know what God told me?”

I shook my head

“God said that was her time; I should keep my faith and I would be settled. I never got a car then but I kept busy with my sewing. I noticed your sketch book in case you think I don’t know. Why don’t you focus on your own journey? That was Israel’s time and gift; yours will come. You do not need to do anything bad to get his love and attention. Trust God in your journey and your time shall come.

I was still on my knees when Mama Awero called Mama Dele to “please send Israel back home”. She then told me I would have to apologise and make things right with my friend, Israel.


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