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“Israel…Michael… Mama is calling you”

Yes, you guessed right; it is time for another story with Mama Àwèró.
Do you wonder why we do not call her Grandma? She made it mandatory for everyone not to call her that, and time will surely reveal the mystery behind her name.

“Good evening, Mama”

“Good evening, my boys. Have your seat”

“Should I ring the bell?”

“No, not yet, I want to tell you a story before prayers”

“When I was in Form Four, I came home for vacation and I did not meet my mother at home. I perceived the aroma of the vegetable soup she made and I opened the second pot to gaze at the big chunk of bush meat sitting in the pot of soup. I took a piece of meat and sat down to devour it. Just then, my aunty came in; she saw the meat and ate it. I couldn’t stop her because that would be disrespectful of me. She ate the meat alone and left.

My mother came back and told me that I just had my prize out because I didn’t wait for the right time.

“That been said, who ate the the cake I put on the dinning table?” She said


I turned to Israel and said

“Where did you get the cake you gave me?

“I….saw….it on the table”

“Can you see your lives? This is exactly how we lost Abebi”

“Iyunade was one of my father’s wives, and she was barren when my father married the third wife. So she became bitter and vowed to deal with my father.
She went to the farm and left a poisoned yam with palm oil in the farmhouse.
On that fateful day, we got to the farm and set to work. Abebi, my step-sister, and I saw the yam in the farmhouse, but we decided to wait until my father arrived.”

“However, Abebi went back to the farm house after I returned to work and she ate the yam. We were shocked when she started complaining of stomach ache; she gave up the ghost on that same day.”

“We got to know the truth of the whole issue when my father’s wife confessed to the atrocities she had committed on her death bed.”

“Israel, Michael and all of you here, DO NOT EAT THE CAKE THAT BELONGS TO YOU BEFORE YOU HAVE IT.

I kept the cake for you but you went after it before you were offered; that is being conveteous. It is the reason why many have lost their lives. They went after things that would have been their own at the end of the day.”

Be careful of eating that cake because once you eat it, you can never have it. It is better to wait and have it in your possession, rather than eat now and lose what would have belonged to you or lose even more than what you sought to possess.

Do not eat that cake!

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