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“I surrender all
I surrender all
Unto Thee, my blessed savior,
I surrender all”

I looked up from where I sat in the living room and saw Mama Awero approaching us. She had gone for her evening prayer walks around the neighborhood over an hour ago.

“You’re welcome mama”

“Oh, my dearest sons, how are you?”

“We are doing fine ma”

“Okay, someone is moody here. What is wrong with you, Israel Clark?” Mama said, as she sat down on her comfortable rocking chair. She looked intently at Israel and drew him into an embrace.

“Come on, tell granny what is wrong, my dear son”

Israel refused to talk or return the affection of Mama Awero, but Mama kept on probing and asking questions. After sometime, Israel blurted out

“I miss my Parents, I wish they are here”

There was perfect silence in the room. We were shocked at my best friend’s utterance. I mean, his parents have been missionaries for as long as I can remember; they have not always been around. So what could have caused this sudden want and emotional outpour?

“Mama Aero don’t you miss them too? I mean, Daddy is your only son. Why would he leave you alone?”

“I do miss them too, Israel, but your father is a gift of the Lord to me. He is not mine; he belongs to God, so I cannot stop him from working for God”

“I understand, Mama, but why do they have to go so far away to work for God? Michael’s parents live here and they work for God as ministers in their church. If you truly love Daddy, tell him to return home to us the next time he calls”

“…which will definitely be in some months’ time….” Mama Awero said, silently looking far away into the distance.

“Mama, what are you saying?”

“Israel Ilerioluwa Clark, your father was given to me by the Lord, and I promised Him that my son will live to serve Him. I am not about to turn back on my word to God”
Israel stood up from Mama’s lap and stood at the window sulking. Mama Awero went to him and turned him around until he stood before mama.

“My dearest Son, children are the heritage of the Lord, given to their parents to train, to build and care for. Children belong to God. Israel, you belong to God. If He chooses to send you as a light unto nations, I will not hold you back, just as I did not stop your father when he chose to become a full-time missionary. That is what God made him for and I must surrender him to God; I received him only for him to be given to the lord. Do you understand?”

Israel nod his head and embraced Mama Awero tightly, bursting into tears.

“I’m sorry Mama, I just miss them so much”, Israel said amidst tears.

“I miss them too but we can show them love by taking all our cares to the Lord in prayers. Michael, Everything we have was given to us to be given to God for his use. We received only to give! please ring the bell for our evening prayers”

I stood up, took the bell from the center table and added the ringing to the sound of tears coming from Israel.

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What’s your view about Mama Àwèró’s explanation for the absence of Israel’s parent? Let me know what you think in the comment box.

I call you blessed.


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  1. Parents are only caretakers and when the owner demands for a release, we should endeavour to gladly release the heritage committee to our hands for such a time.

    Thank you Grace.

    1. Very true. Thanks for reading, Sis

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