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“Good evening ma”

“Good evening, my dear. Where is Israel? It is time for prayers”

“I have called him but he said he is not coming for prayers”

“Why is that? Okay, Joyce, please lead the worship while I go to check on my dear grandson”

Aunty Joyce began to sing a worship song as Mama confidently went into our room to meet Israel.

The truth is, Israel had told me that he would not pray to God again because God had not answered any of his prayers. He confided in me a week ago when we were in my house and my parents called us for morning devotion. Israel feigned illness but later confessed that he was tired of praying to ‘a God that did not care for his feelings’.

I did not know what to do because I am a witness to the unanswered prayers of Israel.

I am aware that he has being asking God for a sister, for his parents to come home, a bike and several others that he has let go.

Aunty Joyce and I continued singing for about ten minutes before Mama and Israel emerged from the room and came to join us.

“In Jesus name we worship”


We all sat down and waited patiently for Mama to carry on. She sat with her head bent down.

We had a perfect silence for several minutes before Mama Awero eventually spoke up.

“Before I gave up my will to get married many years ago, I went through a long period of depression. I prayed for a good husband, a better job and two more children. I got angry with God quite a number of times because I believed he had refused to answer my prayers even though He promised that when we ask, He would give us whatever we want”

“So, why has he not answered my prayer? And why did he not answer your prayer too, Mama?”

“Israel Ilerioluwa, God always answers when we call but not in the ways we want most times. After three years of wallowing in depression and anger, I stayed away from church and God. Then my good pastor, Anderson, would not stop visiting me despite my rebellious attitude. He would sit with me and listen to me rant about how unfaithful God was to me. Thereafter, he would encourage me and pray for me, and he never judge me nor rebuked me”.

I was impatient to know how Mama Awero got over all this. So that I could help Israel, I asked,

“Then how did you get over it all, Mama?”

“Hmm, Michael, I had a revelation. The Lord made me see what would have happened if He had answered my prayers in MY OWN WAY. He showed me how the enemy planned to lure me into an abusive marriage that would take away my peace and draw me away from God. The old man I saw in my revelation made me understand that there is nothing impossible for God to do; He would have me married if really I want marriage. However, His plan for my life is to raise missionaries that will take His message to the ends of the world, and also be a source of support to His children who have been battered by the enemy through their husbands.”


“After the revelation about how it would be difficult to retrace my steps if He had given me what I wanted instead of what I needed, He asked me if I wanted my way or His way. It took me three good months after this to surrender all to God. And ever since then, my prayer has always been that God’s will be done in my life, for His will is the best”

Everybody was sober and deep in thought… What is God’s will? Why does it have to be different from what we want? Those were the questions in my mind before mama continued talking.

“Israel, God’s will is His plan and purpose for our lives. He knows the end from the beginning; let your focus be on Him and He will grant you the desires of you heart in accordance with His will. If you don’t know, your parents have two girls living with them presently where they are; one of them is just few months old, she was abandoned at their doorsteps. When I asked when they will be coming home, your father said, ‘when the Lord wills’ they will come but that you will definitely be joining them after your secondary school except you choose otherwise”.

“Really, Mama?”

“Yes, my son. And God answered my prayers too; he used me to raise your father who is also raising several missionaries through his ministry. Three of his sons in ministry send me welfare package every other months and I see them as my children too. He gave me the strength to stand as an unmarried woman ever since I consecrated myself to him and gave up the will to get married. I love His presence; He has never left me nor forsaken me. He is an eternal partner.

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?”

Matthew 7:11

We are free to ask, we will receive the good things and His will is that which is good, pleasing and acceptable. Do not be weary of asking; and in all your asking, always leave room for the will of God. Not as you will but as He does.

I call you blessed

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