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It is Israel’s birthday today and my best friend has been moody all day. It was with great hope that we came over to his grandmother’s place because we thought she would take us to the mall or something.

Was I disappointed? Yes, I was, but not as Israel who had been keeping to himself and even finds it difficult to say ‘thank you’ to Aunt Joyce who made us his favourite pastry, Nigerian meat Pie. Mama Awero had prayed for him during the morning devotion and his parents also called to speak with him at midnight but he definitely wanted more.

Now, it is time for evening prayers and there is still no gift to mark the special day. Israel and I grudgingly went to the sitting room where Mama and Aunty Joyce were already waiting for us.

We sat down waiting for Prayers when Mama said;

“Israel, go to my room. You will see a blanket on my bed; bring it for me. I need to cover my legs; it is rather cold this evening”

Israel stood up grudgingly and went to Mama’s room. It was not quite long that we heard a shout from her room.

Aunty Joyce and I rushed to check on Israel. We were welcomed to a beautiful sight of Yamaha Portable Keyboard on the bed, tied with red ribbons and a beautiful “Happy Birthday Son” card beside it. I hugged Israel tightly to congratulate him.

Israel carried the keyboard to the sitting room and hugged Mama Àwèró

“Thank you so much, Mama Àwèró”

“You are welcome, my son. The gift is from your parents and I. There is a letter inside the card, pull it out and read it to us”

“Dear son,
It is another year to celebrate the faithfulness of God to us when He kept His promise and gave us a great nation.

We have watched you grow into a good boy and even though we are busy with the work of the Father, you are always in our hearts and prayers.

Israel, we have always noticed how you wouldn’t stop humming and singing, which always make it obvious whenever you are not happy, for then, there would be no music. We have decided to change your old rusty mouth organ which you told me, your father, about sometime ago. That, we know, you have outgrown and we give you this beautiful gift.

Ilerioluwa, as a promised child, we want you to fan into flame the gift of God in you as you grow up in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Explore and evolve in the talents which the Lord has bestowed upon you; do not let be a waste. Remember the story of the unprofitable servant, which your mother used to tell you while we were there. Therefore, fan to flame the gifts of God in you.

I can only imagine how happy you are right now. Your grandmother has made provision for a home music teacher to put you through how to play the keyboard and we look forward to listening to your songs one day.

Make sure that the Investments of God in your life do not come to a waste.

Happy birthday, Israel Ilerioluwa Clark.

Dad and Mum

“I hope you are happy now?”

“Yes Mama”
“Okay then, let us pray”


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