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Storytime with Mama Awero (Episode 12)

Moving On

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I did not want to come to Mama Awero’s house for this weekend but my Parent said it wouldn’t be right for me not to bid them goodbye.
Yes, after our prayers last week, mama Awero claimed that she wants to die serving the Lord on the mission field, along with her son. Mr Clark set on the motion for preparation after he dropped us off in school on Monday. By Wednesday, Israel Ilerioluwa Clark had made up his mind; he is going with his family.

Everything was done In a jiffy and I sat stealthily in the sitting room with Mama Awero who was still seated on her comfortable chair, covered with blankets while others went to drop off the last set of load in the car.
“Mama Awero’s books and Bibles are very heavy though”
“Yes Dad, she did not really take many personal Item”
“Boys, what is your business with my load? Do you have a problem with it?”
We all laughed because we had been told that mama Awero would become cranky because of her health.

“Alright, we are ready. But before we leave, Joyce, you will continue to stay in the house while you start your fashion business with this money. You can make use of Mama’s old shop in front of the house or rent somewhere else. Mama said you can have her sewing machine to start with. Thank you for your faithful work. And should you have any problem or you want to leave the house, kindly contact the mission agency. They will get across to us”
Aunty Joyce received the envelope and knelt down in appreciation. She also hugged mama’s blanket-covered legs. I couldn’t hold it; I was already shedding tears.

“Michael Ajao, a friend like a brother, I know if I asked you to come along you would gladly do because of the love you have for your best friend and his grandmother but I can’t do that. You need to find your path in life and I pray that God will reveal His will to you just like He did for your friend. Thank you for being a good friend.”

“Eehmmm, Michael, please go to my room and bring my shawl on the bed, the cold is getting to my neck”.
I cleaned my tears and went to mama’s room but I did not see any shawl on the bed. Instead, I saw drawing booklets, a pack of different pencils, watercolors and mini paints, a small board, and a standing drawing board beside the bed. I stood transfixed at a spot and fresh tears started falling from my eyes. What a thoughtful gift.

Just as I turned to head back to the living room, my best friend and his father took me in a warm embrace for several minutes before we all returned to the living room.
“Can we start going, you this bunch of crying boys”
We burst into laughter at the words of Mama Awero. With glistering eyes, all I could say was
“Thank you so much, sir and mama, I love you!”
“I love you too Michael, see to it that you do not forget all that you have heard and learned from me. I look forward to hearing great news about you, reading your comic books, and looking at your painting work before I go to the world beyond. Keep following Christ”

At that, Aunty Joyce helped Mama to the waiting Mission bus outside and we both stood as we bade them farewell.

This episode is the last in this series. Thank you for following this series. You are loved and appreciated


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