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Jesus, The Reason for the Season

THE REASON FOR THE SEASON There’s a reasonFor all seasons,Jesus is the reasonFor all seasons He’s the reason for this season This is not treason,He’s far above JacksonOh! He’s beyond comparisonWithout him, you’ve got no reason You would have been in satan’s prison.But He came at the right seasonGiving our lives, its true meaning He …


The True Meaning of Christmas

At childoodWe thought it was all about food,Getting into a merry mood till we felt real good. But now,We realizeThrough great fatherhoodJesus brought us into brotherhood. The precious birth of Jesusdid a lot for usBringing us into sonship,an everlasting relationshipand now we can say Abba Father! This isn’t jamboreeJesus came to set us freeHe paid …