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Talitha Cumi!

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Trust you are doing good? It’s been a while😉. I am really sorry, I keep remembering every weekend but then, it is what it is, I haven’t been consistent and I apologize. I hope I am forgiven?😘😉
Alright this week, we would be reviewing Talitha Cumi, a short novel written by Lizzy Oyebola Yakubu.

This was the first series I read from Lizzy Oyebola and it was in 2017, then, I didn’t read from the beginning but I learnt a lot, a couple of weeks ago, a dear Sis of mine sent me a copy and I decided to read again. This time, I read from the beginning to the read. It was an amazing read.

The Story
Talitha erred, leaving the truth and the cautions she was brought up with but what followed was hell. She was practically in hell as everyone turned against her, even her dear father.

The only set of people that stretched out the arm of love to her were involved in other emergencies and they had to leave her with auntie Tessy.

After what seemed like a relief, auntie Tessy died and she was left alone again. It was disheartening. When I read to this point, I became emotional. It felt like everything was working against her but God had a plan. God’s love prevailed at the end.

The themes include rejection, disappointment, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, restoration and love.

Lessons :

Love can be found in the most unlikely places and with the most unlikely people. Regardless of how any man lives, there is a soft spot they have to be loved. A craving to love and be loved. We must position our hearts to love people genuinely. I pray God helps us🥰.

While we mete out discipline to people when they err, we have to know how to balance it. Our God is loving even though He chastises us.

Also, it doesn’t matter how wrong we have been, God is ever ready to accept us, all we need to do is to run to Him and not away from Him.

This book is one book that every Christian out there should read. We really need the lessons spread out in this book.

Do you know this book is free? Grab your copy here. Lots of love. Thanks for reading🥰😍.

I hope you have been following the ongoing story series on the blog?☺ If not, catch up here. Have an amazing weekend🥰

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