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Love is indeed a beautiful thing. So, I had the rare privilege to interview the couple to be, and I must confess I enjoyed every bit of the interview, I also learnt a lot too. Here is the interview, sit calmly on a balanced chair, take a bottle of cold maltina or any soft drink you like and let’s enjoy the interview together. Thank you.

Can we meet you?
My name is Irewole Temitope Joe. I am an origin of Ondo State. I grew up in Akure, Ondo State. I’m a graduate of Joseph Ayo Babalola University. By the grace of God, I am serving as a full time Pastor at the Redeemed Christian church of God, Ondo Province headquarters, Akure.
Wow. It’s nice meeting you sir
My Pastor once told me, it is  impossible for a Pastor to marry an ugly person, because pastors are anointed to see beautiful things(Smiles) Sir, can you tell us how you met your beauty queen?
(Laughs) very funny. It was a product of divine direction. Pastor Daniel Olawande, fondly called P.Daniel is my best friend and by the grace of God he pastors Living Seed Church, Victoria Island, my fiancée happens to be a member of the church he pastors. One of those Sundays, when a relationship program was organized, she gave her views during the Question and Answer session and from there, I noticed her.

I was wowed by those thoughts…Afterwards,  I discovered that we both belonged to a whatsapp group created by P.Daniel and I noticed her giving her as she gave her opinions on issues. At that point, I knew she said was the beautiful lady I has met in church…(laughs), we started talking from there..
Wow(Smiles) love is sweet o. How did you move on from there, Sir?
(Smiles) I had to move on because I was sensitive to times and seasons and there was just a knowing in my heart that she is my woman. She was a Masters Student at the University of Ibadan as at that time and one of those days, after talking, I went to Ibadan to see her and I made my mind known to her so  prayed, sought counsels…it was not long from that time that the relationship was established.
Mummy G.O as fondly called
That’s beautiful . Sir, Can you describe how you felt when you got a ‘Yes’ from her?
Yes (Smiling…)getting ‘ yes from her, I was so happy and I can’t forget that. I have always desired that and by the grace of God, with the background, she has got a good home training. I love the family she came from, her course of study and her lifestyle. You know when we met she told me people call her Mummy G.O, so I already know that I am going to marry someone of that kind…
What a great feeling!. Pastor must have danced to God in his closet that day

Yeah, so how did you show love to one another during courtship?
Yes, yes, ehmm, through some of her love languages. She loves attention so I try as much as possible to do that even though it wasn’t easy for me. I am a full sanguine in nature so it is not in my nature to call or send text messages but I did my best. We also share moments together , sometimes we exchange gifts and as much as possible we maintain a very good communication. I stay in Akure and she stays in Lagos so we see anytime I come for Holy Ghost service, that is once in a month, but we keep communication lines open.
Sweet Siblings
Hmm,so it means love makes us do things even when it is not in our nature to do them. I’m learning ooo. In fact, I love love
Sir,Was it love at first sight?
It wasn’t really love at first sight , I think, ehrmm, I was first thrilled by her contributions when we held the program, then following some of her comments on the whatsapp group , I was really moved to really know her and from there… (smiles)
From there, you are here and you are getting there,Sir(laughs).
Was there any special name you gave her during courtship?
(Smiles) a special name for her during courtship. I call her “favour” because whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. So I call her favour, and sometimes; Ayomi, Ifemi, baby” (smiles).
(Smiles) Wow, do you have any differences?
Our personality difference is very clear. She is an introvert and I am an extrovert, a sanguine to the core. I love talking, I love associating. She is the type that always want to be on the reserved side and she will like to watch well before getting close to you but that has made our love languages different. We have adjusted to our personality differences overtime.
(Smiles) Can you describe her in one word?
She is the best
She is a woman who has received mercy and who was made by mercy. I asked God to show me mercy and the lord brought her to my path. It’s been 1year, 8 months of all round peace though there were issues but the mercy of the Lord saw us through and by the grace of God sometimes people say we look alike and I say “when you are in God’s will for your life everything is just created perfectly”. Just like a young lady asked me, ”Pastor is there still God’s will in marriage? I said, yes, come and see my wife and you will attest that the will of God still exists “.When you are there, you will obtain peace by all means . I have met ladies in time past, and with just few issues, the relationship breaks but when the Lord decides to give you something, He perfects it.
Understanding,  patience being a child of God, thee is grace to say sorry and such quarrels don’t linger on , has kept us
Was there any challenge you faced during courtship?
Yes,there were challenging moments,the courtship period is actually a time to understand each other. We disagree over issues to an extent that we sometimes, ask “God are you sure you are the one that actually led me into this” but I can be sincere with you that the mercy of God prevails, it is right to be in the will of God . Inside the mercy of the Lord is the will God, (smiles) we obtained mercy. The hastag for us is #MERCY.
How did you resolve those challenges?
We don’t allow issues to go unresolved till the next day and we are quick and fast to say sorry” to each other.
Any advice to Singles out there?
There is always a time and a season for everything. You will enjoy the best when your time comes. Be sensitive to your time. I have to be sincere with you,last year our father in the Lord, Pst.E.A Adeboye gave a prophecy that there would be a lot of weddings this year. And I had been trusting God and waiting on Him over this matter for a long time but when those words of prophecy came, I went to war in the place of prayer , the bible says, “the prophecy that has gone ahead of you, war with it in the place of prayer”,I was sensitive and I asked for mercy. Mercy is needful when you have tried all options and strategies and they seem not to work.
I prayed that God would show me mercy, and cause me to fulfill prophecy and this is how far the Lord has brought us.
There is still the will of God, God still gives his own. On this journey, it is the word of God that keeps a man going. Understand your time, honour the prophet of God over your life and pray. God still answers prayers but when He has done it don’t think there is no reason to pray again. Thank you
Thanks so much for your time,Sir.


Can we meet you?
I am Ajiboye kehinde Oluwatimileyin, a Graduate of Tourism Studies, I am a God-lover and a budding writer with the pen name “the pen of a ready writer”.
Wow, writers are bae     How did you meet?
I attended a program at the redeem camp in March 2017, a 12-hour marathon prayer, then after that day, I decided to stay back for the Sunday service because it was a relationship Sunday and the theme caught my attention and I said I have to be there” the crush, the crushed and those on crushes and that was the first time I would actually attend my church for the first time. So on that day, my pastor, P.daniel Olawande was talking about crush, the crushed and those on crutches… so he asked some questions after he was done. The question was if anyone of us had had any experience of ‘a crush’. Unknown to me, my husband to be took note of me but he never spoke a word to me till May 17 when he slided into my DM on and we chatted for a long time.

(Smiles) You chatted for a very longgg time. You were in the spirit,Sis. How did you move on from there?
After weeks of friendship…(smiles) you know when you know something, there is always a knowing. Before then, I have always prayed to God that when my husband comes around I should know and that is exactly what happened. From the first day he actually spoke to me, there was a knowing in my spirit that he is the one. We moved on to friendship and from there he asked me out and we did the necessary things, I informed my Pastor. He went ahead to propose in October 2017.
That’s so sweet. So, how did you feel when you got the proposal
It will be so amazing to hear that a night before the proposal, we were actually at logger-heads but after the proposal, I got to know that it was just a bid to distract me. That day was the first year anniversary of the living seed church ,we went to an eatery in VI (Victoria Island) and he poped the big question “Will you marry me”? Well, I was so glad to say Yes to him

Wow, proposals are touchingWas it love at first sight?
Definitely it was not love at first sight but there was a knowing within both of us that this was it and that it was our final bus stop because he has always been asking for mercy and God decided to answer his prayer of mercy and on my own part I have always told God to let me know when he comes and I just knew it so I can’t really explain it to be love at first sight.
Your love story is interestingly interesting.So how did you express love to each other during courtship?
We said it from the scratch that there won’t be any form of sexual immorality’…kissing and the likes till the wedding day, so it was a no go area because we didn’t want to start what we wont finish but we showed love by understanding each other’s love languages.
Any differences? Yes, we have our differences , he is an extrovert while I am a complete introvert (laughs) but we have learnt to manage each other’s differences.
Wow, was there any unforgettable moment in your courtship?
Our courtship is just a story of mercy. We have had issues, issues in capital letters I must say that if it wasn’t God, the issues would have broken us apart and we would have parted ways but when God initiates a thing, he never ABANDONS IT. So many challenges but God kept sustaining us.
God is indeed faithful. So, we would like to know if there’s any special name call him?

I call him, “Ayomi”, because he is my joy and I am glad I’m His forever

Awwn,Can you describe him in one word
He is an amazing person and I can say he is God’s gift to me
Was there any challenge you faced during courtship?
One of the challenges we had was distance , I only get to see him once in a month when he comes for Holy Ghost service for just a few hours, before we all go back to our base
How do you cope when you have to see your loved one once in a month? So, it was challenging.

It really wasn’t easy but how were you able o resolve it?
Sometimes when he is around, we see but we kept communication lines open
Any advice to Singles out there?
Wait on God’s time, depend on him. Don’t stop Him and be open. Keep your mind open to him, love can happen anywhere and at anytime. Thanks TemidayoRiches


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