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When you read a novel that gets you excited, you wouldn’t keep it to yourself. You will become an evangelist, telling people about the book and trust me, that is what I am doing right now.

Some days ago, I decided to read THE BASTARD, a short story written by Grace olabisi, and I was wowed. Interesting. Page-turning. Suspense filled. These words describe this novel.

The Bastard is an amazing story, I finished reading it at a sitting, in few hours. Grace Olabisi, I am practically waiting for the next novel from you. You are one of the writers who make me look to reading Christian fictions.

Oh my gosh! If you have been following Storytime with mama Awero, you will agree with me on this. Well, you will be giving yourself a treat by reading this novel, I tell you. This 55 page short story is full of life, power, and truth.

The Book cover got me imagining who the bastard is. You know when we were younger, we abuse friends and colleagues with the word ‘bastard’ because we see it as demeaning and derogatory.

 I can remember how folks beat themselves up when they are called ‘bastard’, even though they know their father. Oh no! You don’t want to imagine the outcome of such feuds, they are sometimes bloody.

There are many themes in this short story but the theme of the undying love of the Father speaks so much to me; how Bella was accepted by the Father despite her imperfections. Oh, and this shows me that even when the devil thinks he has tricked us, God is able to thwart the devil’s plans because He loves us. We have an inheritance. Gal. 4:4-7

Have you ever doubted who you are? Have you ever felt less of yourself? Do you feel you do not mean much because of the circumstances of your birth?

Do you think you do not deserve a second chance? Then, this book is a must read. The few minutes of reading this book could change your life forever.

You may be thinking, how do I get this book? Worry no more. It’s free. get your copy here.

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