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What a week! It’s been an historical week for us in this part of the world. Things are happening and I dare say, the change we have been longing for is coming alive. I am proud to be a part of this generation and I trust God that thing will turn out fine. How has been your week, dear one? I hope you’d gist me about the protest and the prayer walk you’ve participated in. We’d win. This week, I had a book crush on mind but I had to change it to something related to we are going through as a country. We would be reviewing a different book/movie today, THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas.

Sometime early this year, I was on a book binge and came across this book. It shows me how blacks lived in fear of racism and police brutality. How racism has eaten the core of humanity in different states, how people who have dreams have been murdered like flies without a thought from people who should care. You see, when the #EndSARS protest started and people started recounting the atrocities committed by the Special Anti-Corruption and Robbery Squad, all the experiences were similar to what I read in this book.

In The Hate U Give, Starr who was just a young teenager witnessed the death of her childhood friend, Khalil. Khalil was shot dead by a Police Cop for no reason and getting justice was not easy. Apart from Khalil, there were many other victims who suffered from police brutality and injustice.

Starr made up her mind to keep the memory of her friend alive by all means necessary but the truth is that something negative had been planted in her memory when she watched her friend die. One reason why we must do something about the situation in our country is because of our total well being and that of the next generation .

Maverick, Starr’s Father, was imprisoned for 3 years for an offence he didn’t commit and as a result, he couldn’t fulfill his fatherly responsibilities during that time. Carlos, Starr’s uncle had to stand as a father to Starr during that period. Just like Maverick, many have been detained for no just cause and justice must be served. Although this book/movie pictures what the blacks suffered, it’s alarming and shocking at the same time to see how similar events are happening within our country.

However, the good news is, that we can do something as Christians, we can pray, we can speak up (2 Chronicles 7:14) God promised to heal our land and He would do that. So dear one, keep speaking up, keep praying. Our Nation is ours and we must take it from the enemy.

And guess what? You can watch the movie adaptation of The Hate U Give. I have made that easy. Just click here to download.

Don’t give up on our country. We have the victory. I pray that we are kept and preserved as God heals our land.And if you are hurting as a result of this brutality, I pray God heals your heart and give you total comfort because only Him can. Have a beautiful weekend.  Much love from me.


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  1. Thank you for sharing.

    The hate u give is one of my best movies in 2017, I found myself tearing up, feeling alive and yet motivated by the movie.

    Yes, a lot of things are happening in our country, prophetic as it may be; but we wouldn’t lose hope in God.

    This is our TIME, I am happy to be alive in this generation. I believe, Nigeria is about to EMERGE, and we are just getting started.

    God will hear us, he will heal our land; and we will rejoice in Him

    1. Amen. He surely would. Thanks dear Sis

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