This May Be Why Some of Your Dreams Will Not Come True

Some nights ago, I woke up to ease myself and I was finding it difficult to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned. But Mr Sleep seemed to have gone to sleep.😀

At some point, the Holy Spirit just told me that my dreams were not in alignment with God’s. And that’s why they were not coming true. He brought to my mind awesome things that had happened to me which were not in my plans at all. Like when I got a job without applying for it. Like when I got some exposure that I had never dreamt of. Like the trainings I attended that were never in my plans.

Then He told me that God is God and He has a will. Of course, things happen outside His will but He is ever aware of what goes on. And the best place for man is to be aligned with God’s plans. Of course, things may go wrong but God brings beauty out of ashes. Who can beat that?!

And I have been observing successful Christian youth. One line that is common in their stories is that God gave them the specifics of what he wants for them. Of course, some parts of His will are kept secret by Him. But He always shines enough light for us to walk in. Plus He’s with us in the process of making us just as Him.

Seek your happiness in the LORD, and he will give
you your heart’s desire. (Psalms 37:4)

I saw this Bible verse in another light recently. Usually, it is interpreted as delighting yourself in God and He will give you what your heart wants.

I saw it this way- seek your happiness in the Lord and he will tell your heart what it should desire. And because those would be in alignment with His will, they will come to pass. In other words, take delight in God and His desires will become your desires too. And surely they will come to reality!

So I have committed afresh to dropping my desires and embracing God’s desires for me. Of course, I have plans. Who doesn’t? But I drop them and let Him guide me. I know His thoughts for me are good and not of evil. Would you be joining me?


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