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Thoughts of the Redeemed by E.C Hannah et all

Hello, my people😍. How has been your weekend?On this week’s edition of #BookCrush, we would be reviewing Thoughts of the Redeemed. There are so many things to say about this anthology. Ever since we launched 3 weeks ago, it’s been mind-blowing. We wake up to amazing reviews.

This anthology is unique in so many ways; 68 life-changing poems, 14 divinely inspired poets and a great host of supporters.

I wouldn’t be able to talk about all the poems but be rest assured that the poems will never leave you the same. Let’s dig in to the chosen poems for this review.


This poem has a special place in my heart. It is the first poem in the book. The writer made use of imageries and rhymes to express the awesome love of the Father. If you have ever doubted God’s love or the reason why the whole world has to bow to the Lordship of Christ, you should check it out. The spoken word version is attached here.

BY YOUR HANDS by B. Temidayo Ogunleye

I am smiling as I type this😂. I am practically reviewing one of my poems. See ehn, don’t take my word for it. Download a copy and read it by yourself. This poem will change men’s hearts, it will bring men to know what God created them for. We all have potentials but we have to yield all to God. Do you know anyone who isn’t pleasing God in their ways of life? Let them read this poem. Share this anthology with them.

NAY IN ALL THESE THINGS by Abednego Enyawuile

This poem will encourage you to keep trusting God, no matter what. You just have to read it.

The hard truth about life is that we enjoy only to the level of our understanding. In this poem, Precious Ojinika craftily made us understand what we are misssing out if we don’t understand God’s word. Life is beyond studying the Scriptures for formality sake.

Using Oxymoron and other poetic devices, Daniel Uyi described hell. Hell isn’t for children of God. It is for the devil and people who refuse the love of Christ. Anyone who accepts the Lordship of Jesus has eternal life. This anthology is a complete book honestly.😁

This is a poem of reassurance. Using biblical allusions, Aisosa Faith, explored the faithfulness of God. It’s an interesting poem. You need to read it.

In this anthology, there is a poem for you. There are so many interesting things to say but I’d stop here.😅 Grab your copy HERE. We’d be waiting for your reviews too. Thank you 😍


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