Life could be tiring
And you stop aspiring
When things keep firing
And none does the cheering,
It could be tiring.

One thing I’ve learnt
When you’ve spent
And you got no strength
When you can’t even pay your rent
And your suffering has no length.

When you want to ask
Does God care if I ask?
Can he still the storm?
Am I better than a worm?
When no answer is on your form.

Dear, at times like this
Get up, it won’t end like this
Take up God’s word, accept no fate
Yeah, speak as God spoke, Create!
Speak! It’s not too late

Your world would be beautiful again


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I am Bolanle Temidayo Ogunleye, a Lawyer, a Christian Blogger and an author of two Amazon bestsellers- Love Beyond Words and Priceless.

Some of my readers know me by my pen name-TemidayoRiches.

I love writing. My writings will inspire you towards a closer walk with God.

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