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To Live Again

Hello Family🥰🥰🥰, I believe you are doing great. Happy New Month. It’s a blessed month already.💃Our Book Crush this week is a novel written by Osar Adeyemi,To live again. Let’s review it together, you are going to love it.😘

Fayona Idris was shattered after her husband’s death. She decided to honour the love and memories they had together by ensuring every of their plans and dreams come true and she has been doing nothing short of that since Hassan’s death.

But along the line, Jason Ola Daniels came to disrupt the status quo. Jason Ola Daniels wouldn’t give up trying to win Fayona over despite the fact that Fayona was bent on frustrating his efforts but Fayona’s effort to run away from him proved abortive.

Just when Fayona was beginning to admit her love for Jason, she had to face a huge disapproval from the Ola Daniel’s family and a notorious woman in the church.

Through the tides and all, God gave Fayona a new beginning beyond her wildest dream.

Regardless of the troubles of life, God can turn our stories around.

At a point, Fay had to look beyond the words, opinions and comments from others, she had to hold on to what God told her. We must hold on to what God has said, that is what matters most.

As individuals, we have to quit thinking people who face misfortunes are witches. Instead of judging them, the least we can do is to extend the arm of love to them.

No matter how bad a case is, keep holding on to God, He gives a brand new beginning. He heals the broken hearted. Keep holding on.

My Thought
I love this novel, the plot, the characters etc. The title also fits perfectly well. Regardless of grieve and life’s troubles, we can live again in Christ.

Thanks @ Osar Adeyemi for this. I had a nice time reading as always.

This novel is highly recommended if you love good Christian Fiction or if you are trying to get over grieves and life’s troubles. Get your copy on Amazon, Okadabooks and Bambooks. I am Osar Adeyemi’s fan anytime anywhere.😍

Have a beautiful weekend, Fam. You are loved🥰🥰


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