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Trapped, a short story written by Justina Taiwo Oyedeji

Happy New Year, Fam😍
I’m grateful God kept us to see this year. Yaay💃💃💃. It’s the first weekend of the year and our #BookCrush is back again. Glory! 🤗
So, during the week, I read my first book this year. It was short but full of lessons. Come with me as we review Trapped, a short story written by Justina Oyedeji.


The story centres on the life of a beautiful young lady, Omotara George. Omotara had so many great attributes but she wasn’t without her struggles. Having to handle a blackmail that could harm everything she had built over the years, she made some compromises.

The themes include Sexual purity, Lust, Betrayal and Restoration.

And here are some lessons from the story:

👉There is no sin you cannot overcome as a child of God. You only have to yield to God and allow His help.

👉Regardless of the compromise going on in the world, sexual immorality is still wrong and you can be sexually pure.

👉God loves you regardless of how you feel and He is yearning to have you back.

👉No matter what it is, never keep any secret with the devil.

👉Don’t be too quick to judge. Pray and not prey on others.


This story is short but powerful. It is free. Click here to get a copy. You will be glad you did. Thanks, Justina Oyedeji, for writing this masterpiece

Justina Oyedeji is on Facebook. You can follow her for more inspiring stories. Thanks for reading, Fam🥰. Have a beautiful weekend.


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