Two Weeks!

I needed to get a new car. You know, my dream car was a Toyota Matrix, 2017 model. It has a beautiful design (it is beautiful to me, sha). It fits the image of somebody who has ‘arrived’.

I had made it. My selfish aunts had to know that they were not indispensable. All my classmates who had mocked me had to learn that times and seasons change. The neighbours who had celebrated my mother’s extreme poverty needed to smell the newness of my car and see that the Lord is good. In short, I needed to ‘pepper’ many people!
Off I went to the car dealer. I got a red Matrix sitting in my garage in two weeks!

And I went to the slum where I grew up.
In two weeks, my Matrix was ugly and useless. The rascally teens in the slum stole two of four tyres in one night. While I was still sorrowing, they spraypainted my car and broke the windows.
There was nothing to ‘pepper’ anybody with, anymore. I was like them that dreamed.

Who doesn’t want life’s good things? Of course, many of us desire that goodness and mercy follow us all the time.
The question is, do you impress men or glorify GOD with what you have?
During a chat with God after I had gotten accolades about a piece I wrote, the Holy Spirit posed this question- are you out to impress them or glorify God? You cannot stick to impressing men and glorify God. In the grand scheme, since men’s emotions are fickle, only God is worth glorifying.

Are you out to glorify God or impress men?

1 Corinthians10:31- So then, whatever you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honour and glory of God. (AMP)

P.S- The story is fictional.

© Toluwanimi Lazarus (2019)

Photocredit- www.unsplash.com


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