Yesterday, I noticed that the inscriptions on some of the helmets of the O’Ride bikers in Ibadan, Nigeria, were already losing colour. Time has happened to the helmets and they are no longer as beautiful as they were a month ago.

I bought raw groundnuts a week ago and I boiled the last portion yesterday. When I was eating the groundnuts, I realized that they had shriveled up. They had lost much of their water content. Time had happened to them and they were no longer as fresh as before.

I bought a pair of sandals about two months ago. I like wearing flat footwear to school a lot. Of course, these sandals have borne the brunt. I realized that the flowery pattern had started losing its beauty.

These three examples are just proofs that things lose their value. Situations come and go. Worries die. Permanence is almost always elusive.

Mark 13:31- Heaven and Earth will perish and pass away but My Word will not perish or pass away. (Amplified Version)


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A Jesus' girl, Toluwanimi Lazarus is also a writer, public speaker, volunteer and actress. She is passionate about young people and teenagers too. She is also a sustainable development enthusiast.

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  1. Taiwo grace says:

    That’s the reality of life, but glory to God for the hope we have in the Ancient of the days (He’s the same yesterday, today and forever )

    1. Yes ma’am.Thanks so much

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