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VIOLATED (Final Episode)

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Orientation camp was fun and exhausting as I had heard from friends who had gone ahead of me. One day during the 2nd week of the orientation camp, I sat under the tree to relax before the next training session. One of the soldiers walked up to me, he said he had been observing me for a while, that I was sexy and he would like to have to me. ‘Wow’. Really? I can’t say if I was happy or mad, but I agreed. I was drugged the first time, I only felt pain, I didn’t know what it was like. I wanted to have a taste of how it was supposed to be, I wanted to have a feeling of the experience people had talked about. I had sex with the soldier, I enjoyed it but I wanted more and more every day.

I found myself going to meet that soldier every day for sex, if he wasn’t available, there were many others who were willing – soldiers and fellow corpers alike. I had gone deep into it. This went on throughout the orientation camp. I was posted to a secondary school for my PPA. I had totally deviated from God, from the teachings and trainings my parents had given me. I wanted to come back, but I didn’t know how to; I knew I had gone too far, but God was still my Father and He would still accept me.

I needed someone to talk to, someone who would understand and could help me. I really wanted to get myself out of the situation I found myself in. It was when my path crossed with Precious that it dawned on me that God still loved me. He wouldn’t leave me to myself or the devil to perish. Precious was my colleague at work, she was a Christian, and came from a good home. We became friends and it was during one of our discussions that she realized I was once a Christian.

I narrated everything that happened to her. She was very understanding. She made me realize God still loves me and was calling me back home, calling me back to His loving embrace. I wept like a baby. It wasn’t difficult for me to stage a comeback to God, because I had wanted to come back but didn’t know how to. I rededicated my life to God as soon as Precious and I talked. My life changed from then, my love for God was renewed. I could once again call God, my Father, for real.


When you leave God, you’re still safe, you can always come back into His embrace. It is when He leaves you, that you’re doomed forever. He is a Father, your Father, and no matter how far away you think you’ve gone from Him, He will still accept you when you turn back to Him. He is anxiously waiting, like the father of the prodigal son, to take you into His embrace. Just make an attempt to come back and you’ll be surprised to see Him waiting to receive you.

You don’t have to die in shame, do not keep silence on issues you’re battling with. Your own Precious will always be there to listen to you and help you. God always stations a Precious to be a link to draw you back, don’t push them away, don’t run away from them, open up to them and you’ll be sure to receive help.

You can find a Precious in your colleagues, your pastors, friends, they’re everywhere. Most importantly, your Father, Jesus, is always with you, waiting for you to come back.



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Faleye Abimbola Tinuola (Makarios) is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (BSc. Building). She writes about women generally, she has always enjoyed writing but recently she decided to take it more serious. She writes to help women in all categories; teenage girls, young ladies, married women. She is an active christian.

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