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I was born with a silver spoon, and I dined at the table of life with it until my early twenties.

Life, until I saw its ugly side, was relatively easy for me. I was fortunate to have parents who planned well before they bring any offspring into the world.

My parents loved me. My brothers cared for and about me. I had godly friends, most of whom are pastors, deacons and church leaders’ daughters. Being with them shielded me from trouble girls of my age battle with and made me feel safe and secure.

My love for God was innate, from a young age I love to be in His presence. It was a great privilege to be taught about, and know God from a tender age. When I call God ‘’my Father’’, it isn’t a cliché, it is a statement made birthed from fellowship with Him.

I graduated from the department of Political Science at the Obafemi Awolowo University with a second class upper division. My O’ level result was excellent, I could have studied Law, but I knew within my heart that Political Science was God’s will for me. I thank God my parents agreed. To me, it was a confirmation that I was in his will.

I could have graduated with a first class if I had compromised in my final year. Two of my lecturers wanted to have me. They had talked about having an affair earlier but I made my lack of interest known. Beyond being a cardinal sin before God, I can’t imagine fornicating with a man old enough to be my father. I wasn’t brought up that way.

When I said no to those lecturers, I thought it was over. Hmmm, I was naive. They decided to mark me down, they gave me a D for a course I knew without doubt that I had an A. I scored twenty-eight out of thirty in my test and got eleven of fifteen in assignment. I don’t miss class, so I got all the marks allotted for attendance.

‘’If you try to call for your script, I will make sure you spend an extra year in this school.’’ One of those two men I call devil told me. He pointed his finger at me, his eyeball was red, it was as though they were on fire. His breathe smelt of alcohol. As he continued his voice was low but stern. ‘’ You are forming strong head, if you want your mark, you know what to do. Get out of my office!’’

I wasn’t tailored for this kind of trouble. So, I let it pass. I will still graduate with a great result. I held my peace and allowed it to pass.

Few months after I graduated, I had another experience that made me know life is not a bed of roses like I was brought up to think…

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Faleye Abimbola Tinuola (Makarios) is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (BSc. Building). She writes about women generally, she has always enjoyed writing but recently she decided to take it more serious. She writes to help women in all categories; teenage girls, young ladies, married women. She is an active christian.

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