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Can we meet you?
My name is Soyobi Victoria Yewande. I am a Medical Doctor. I will be getting married very soon (Smiles) I am 1.65 meters height fairly tall for an average woman. I’m not too fat, I love my stature. I am from Ogun State, Ipara Remo to be precise and I love Amala and Ewedu.

That’s cool. How did you meet your fiancé?

We met at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State when we were in 100 level. We offered some courses together and we were group discussion mates, we were friends for a while .The first time I was him was on the road we were going for a biochemistry class and he probably heard me speaking to someone in Yoruba and he came to me and said oh, Are you a Yoruba” I said Yes and we started talking, that was how we became friends.

How did you feel when you got the proposal?

Well, I was excited but however, I wasn’t surprised because from the very first time he spoke to me, he said he would want me to be his wife and he would like to marry me, so he told me right from the get go so I wasn’t shocked when I got the proposal but I was happy and excited

Was it love at first sight?
Oh, definitely not. It wasn’t love at first sight. When he asked me out, I refused him at first and he asked me out after about three months again so I told him I will think and pray about it, then it took a while before I said Yes and then we have grown in love, I love him more now than when we first started so it wasn’t love at first sight, we built the love, the love is much more stronger now because I know him better. I know him more, so I love him more.

How did you express your love to each other during courtship?
We basically expressed love to each other during courtship via words of affirmation and exchange of gifts .that was how we enjoyed our courtship and also most importantly time out together, an evening walk was usually our best time and is still is

Was there any unforgettable moment during your courtship?

Yes, there are several unforgettable moments but I will talk about a few. One was when we were in school in Zaria, we went into the farm to pluck mangoes, it was a time I would never forget, I don’t think he will ever forget too
And also time out at the cinema, when we went to watch, it was a great time together, we have had many unforgettable moment but the one that has created an indelible memory is the one when we were in school and we went farming, we had several discussions, we talked about many things, we drank mango in the process and it was really really fun.

Describe him in one word
He is Adorable

Was there any challenge you faced during courtship?
Well, nothing serious, most of the time, it is usually misunderstanding, nothing major but on one or two occasions, we argued over somethings, we were both mature about it so but I tell you, nothing serious.
How were you able to resolve it?
We talk about it, we reason together, we apologise to each other and that’s it

Any special name you call him?
Yes, I call him my baby or babe and on few occasions, I call him Olami, and if I want to praise him, I’ll call him Oluwapelumi but generally I call him my baby.
Any differences?
Of course, yes!
We have some differences but not major ones, maybe differences in the taste of food and probably the way we see things occasionally. And of course, we are from different background so there are differences in those areas but they are not major ones.

How did you feel when the general election was shifted to March 9, the wedding date you fixed earlier?

Oh, the first five minutes I heard the news, I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t think, I was just there, then afterwards, I was angry that such a thing could happen in Nigeria. After an hour, I realized, shift in date or not the wedding will eventually hold, I will be married to the love of my life, it doesn’t matter so I didn’t really feel bad, it was just a transient anger for a nation that doesn’t care about or respect her people.

You were joyful despite it, can you tell us how you did it?


Oh, have you heard of the saying, “why worry?” is it something you can change? If you can change it, there is no need to worry but if it is nothing you can change, then pray about it, leave it, there’s no need to worry. I work with this principle, I don’t worry about anything. If it is something, I can change, I take action, pray about it and move on, in this aspect we could change the date and we did, there’s nothing to really worry about. All things work together for good.

Advice to Singles out there:
Marry a man that loves, honours and adore you and most importantly, marry a man that loves God. Hold on to him and if you are convinced because in the end those are the things that matter The looks, the money, they matter but they would fail in the end, What matters most is the inner qualities of the person Money will come. Have you seen any ugly rich man, No! so even if he doesn’t look like what you want, money will make him more handsome, so all of those things will come. Don’t let shallow things overshadow deep things, look for the deep things, shallow things will follow suit invariably. So stick with a man that is deep.




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