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Walking with God by Chance

Yippee💃💃💃 It’s another relaxing time. It’s so good to be here again. When I get comments from my readers of how they follow religiously on book crush every week, I am always happy. Thank you. Thank you. I won’t forget to ask how you are doing. Trust you are good?🥰 Our book crush for this week is a short but power packed book written by Faith Adegboye. Come with me as we review Walking with God by Chance.😄


This book deals with one of the most important thing we have to deal with as humans in our day to day life. It is about the innate desire in every man that draws him towards God, even when we don’t want to admit it.

Through life experiences, Faith explained how we can fulfill that burning desire of walking with God. Truly, our time is precious and experience is not always the best teacher. We don’t have to keep wasting our precious time when we can seek God and get it right.🤗

While reading, I noted these points and I know you will be blessed by them;

  1. Without the Holy Spirit,  we will allow distractions.
  2. Trial and errors lead to frustration.
  3. The third point really struck a cord in me, I haven’t seen these verses, Joel 2:28 and Isa 2:3, this way before:

“In the last days, it is not time for us to pack our bags and keep the impartations of God to ourselves but it is time to bring an influx.”

 I read this book under 30 minutes. I love books like this. There is something about the style of  writing the author used-conversational. It’s more like you are having a conversation with a friend and this really made it relatable.

The book is short and easy to understand, you can get your copy here and enjoy the goodies. We don’t have to keep making mistakes before we get things right. Thanks for writing this book, Faith.

Fam, Faith is a blogger and a Youtuber. You can follow her on and subscribe to her YouTube channel, you will surely enjoy her God filled contents. See you next week. You are loved😍🥰😍


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