What are You Chewing?

“You must be a fool!”
“Have you forgotten that you are a failure, just as the rest of your family?”
“You are ugly, very ugly.”


“God loves you!”
“Your going out and coming in are blessed.”
“You enjoy good success!”

Which of these sets stick more to our very human minds?

I dare say Set A.

Negative thoughts, ideas and words often resonate more in our minds than their godly and God-breathed counterparts. For me, it takes conscious effort to place God’s word at the forefront of my mind especially when the going is tough.

How would I have God’s word to chew on if I don’t take it in?

The point is, you can’t expect that an infrequent intake of God’s word can keep you satisfied. Unintentional ingestion of the word of God will not help matters. The world is designed to frustrate you and frustrate your faith in Jesus out of you. Only God’s word can keep us sane.

Chew on God’s word.  It is easy to go back to old habits and thinking patterns that are unhealthy but God’s word can keep you in check! God’s word changes situations! God’s word renews your mind and refines your character!

Dig into God’s word like you do your favourite meal. Don’t just taste from your pastor’s meal. You should have your own meals daily!

P.S: God’s word is both ‘logos’ from the Bible and ‘rhema’ from His Spirit. Rhema and logos never contradict each other!

Jesus told God:

Make them holy–consecrated-with the truth; Your word is consecrating truth. (John.17.17) [MSB]


© Toluwanimi Lazarus (2019)


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