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Hello Fam. How are you doing? Trust your week was fine? I’m grateful to God that #BookCrush Friday is live on the blog today. We skipped it last week but it’s all for the best. It’s so good to have you here once again. Thanks for sticking through. You rock! Today we would be reviewing When God is not on the mountain, a book written by Kudabo Victory.

One unique thing about this beautiful story is that it is full of Christ’s love and wisdom even though it is short. I mean, you can read it up within 30 minutes. You want a book that can encourage your heart towards God and help you find your way to complete healing? Here is it.

I can remember sharing the book with others when it was released and I got so many testimonies afterwards. I have no doubt that you will enjoy it too. It will be one great way of relaxing and getting so much more this weekend. Another good news is that, it is free. You will get a copy, just keep reading.

The themes range from rejection, love, acceptance, guilt and restoration. Elizabeth’s story was shocking to her friends. How could she have aborted? Not even once. They gasped. She couldn’t look up to face them.

Long before her escapade in Netherland, Elizabeth had suffered from the harsh words of her father. “You are not my daughter” Such words could pierce the heart any day any time. To worsen the matter, coming home after 2 years of being in Netherland didn’t change her dad either.

Are you trying to heal from hurtful words? Read this: WHEN WORDS HURT: How to heal from hurtful words.

Patricia was devastated. Who wouldn’t be? After the groom to be escaped just a week to the wedding. She had her own share of hurt, shame and pain. It wasn’t a smooth walk but she found joy after it all. It doesn’t even matter how bad the situation is, Patricia’s story will inspire you to trust God more. Her fiancé left but it was all for the best. God had her in mind.


Elizabeth’s case was the case of being forsaken by her father but God was right there even when she didn’t feel so. God doesn’t leave us alone regardless of how bad the situation looks. Gabriella and Patricia are examples of the friends that God sends to us. The warmth Elizabeth got from them helped her recover. Truth is, just like pills alone didn’t solve Elizabeth’s pain and guilt, nothing else can heal us but God Himself.

Have you ever felt like the odd one out, the only ‘righteous’ one among a group of people? Elizabeth felt this way too but she didn’t handle it well. There is always a vacuum in our hearts yearning to be loved and there is a lesson here for parents; so much love from home will help keep our wards from deception most time.

Elizabeth was caught in the web of guilt, he blamed herself for stooping so low to get attention. You may feel that way too but please, bear it in mind that only God can heal the wound and only His love can make you live beyond the guilt of in. Time may not heal wound but God will. All we need to do is to come to God. He has been there all along, waiting to fill us.

There is a longing only Him can fill. Don’t search too much, God is waiting. Also, don’t conclude that some of your friends are happy. Look beyond their posts on social media. God comforts us so that we may comfort others.


Thanks to Victory for writing such an amazing book. I hope you enjoyed the review? There is so much more to savour from the book. It’s free

Get your copy here. It’s free.

Have a beautiful weekend. You are loved.


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