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This is a burning issue. Our brother went missing. He was an heir to the throne. Father loved him so much, he didn’t hide it. Such love could get other siblings jealous, a deep, solid and sound love. Incomparable!

You see the kind of love I talked about in Love beyond Words, that is the love I am referring to.

But one day, the tempter came and our brother left with him, he forgot he is an heir to the greatest throne in the land. Our brother went away.

Like a Father bereaved of a lost son, Father cried, Father rejected His meals, Father missed His morning coffees.

Our eldest brother wasn’t happy about the new development. He stood in the gap and we all kept hope alive that our younger brother come back home in peace.

Though Father once lost our eldest brother to death but He was consoled when He came alive again . However, for our younger brother, Father cried, he couldn’t be consoled

As responsible children that we are, we consoled Father and tried to make Him happy but Father’s joy wasn’t full. He hid his feelings but we knew it.

Father is a strong man, He doesn’t like to get us worried so he masked His feelings. He went about His business, tending the flock and keeping the home steady.

But one day while Father worked in His garden. He looked up, dropped his shepherd staff and ran towards an haggard looking guy, our mouths were left agape.

Father had never done that before. With a sense of awe, we asked ourselves, “why would Father do that?”
We were soon to know when Father embraced the young man who came in through the gate.

Oh, it was the brother we lost. Our Father’s son. Our brother. Don’t blame us, life had dealt with him, we couldn’t recognise him at first sight like Father did.

Father was so excited. The sparkle that was once lost came back to his eyes, He looked younger than he had been in years. To crown it all, Father declared a welcome party.

What then should we do as elder brothers?

Refuse to join the Father’s party?
Welcome our lost but found brother?
Rejoice as if we have found a great spoil just like our father?


In this story, Jesus is the eldest brother, the prodigal son is the younger brother. (Luke 15:11-32)

As people who have been bought with a price, we should bear It in mind that we all are the ‘younger brother’. If we keep claiming to be the elder brothers, we may be lost in self-righteousness and pride, forgetting the love that brought us back. We were once lost too.

So dear ones, let’s trust God to work on our hearts. It will help us grow the kingdom of our Father.

We are all loved by the Father. So, we ought to watch each other’s back after which we should go search out the gentiles and the lost ones of the house of Isreal. This will be strength to our Younger brother.

Hey guy, welcome back
We love you!


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