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Whispers of Dawn

Drum rolls 🥁 It’s time to unveil our Book Crush for the week. I am excited.💃
How was your week, Fam🥰?

Our Book Crush for the week is the latest book by one of my favourite authors, Osar Adeyemi. Join me as we review Whispers of Dawn.

Mina, an upwardly mobile woman, was at the verge of losing things that matters most because of her beliefs and preference. Her upbringing shaped her into thinking no man can be trusted and she held on to that even when a very loving Dr Nifemi was trying his best.

Nifemi, a sound doctor with a heart of gold, didn’t give up on Mina even when she called off their relationship. It wasn’t easy but he kept believing.


This story is a very fascinating one. You should read up to enjoy the rest of the story.🥴

The day I finished reading this book, I didn’t plan to, my plan was to read a little and read the rest later but…😂 the author did a great job, such that I couldn’t place it down. It was a nice read.

Let me share some of the lessons with you :

👉Don’t let bad experiences shape you. It may be hard but it is possible. I am taking note of this, as well.

👉Don’t give up easily. Keep praying. God has a plan. Well, Tonye’s story is an example of this. I believe God has a master plan.

👉Don’t postpone your salvation. Ebitimi Braithwaite almost missed it for life.

👉Seize every slight opportunity to preach the good news. Tomorrow may be too late. Thank God Dr Nifemi acted when he did.

👉Watch out who you admire or follow. Mina almost missed it at this point. As Christians, we should allow God to choose our mentors for us.

👉In marital choices, “do not be unequally yoked” is non-negotiable.

👉Find out the good thing about people even when it looks as if they are ‘completely bad’. Mina almost never thought of Timi Braithwaite in a good light until he had a close brush with death.

One more reason I find this novel interesting is because of the issues raised; teenage pregnancy and how best to handle it, balancing career with an unwavering relationship with God, choosing a Godly model and lots more.

These are issues we tend to overlook in our quest to “belong” and we really need to look deep into them.

I believe you have learnt one thing or the other.😉 Get your copy on Okadabooks and Amazon. You can also follow @Osar Adeyemi on IG and Facebook for more.

Happy weekend, Fam🥰
You are loved


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