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Wounded Soldier

“There is so much more. You are worth so much more. Don’t stop. Keep becoming” I hope you like my quote?😀Happy weekend, dear one.😍Our book crush for today is a short inspiring novel written by Esther Okikioluwa. Let’s dive into the review of Wounded Soldier.


Pastor Ian was a faithful servant of God, his utmost desire was to please God.

Like the custom in most churches, he was transferred from one church to another from time to time. However, his last transfer brought out a negative reaction from him.

Before the transfer letter came, he was the pastor of County church, a church whose output was low until he got there. Sincerely, he had invested so much in that church and things were already getting bette before the ‘shocking letter’ came, he was transferred to another local church in a rural area.

He was devastated, to say the least, and his decision at that point changed the course of his life.

At first, things were looking fine. He established his own church and he was rich. It looked like God had finally answered his prayers until some events took over. I’ll stop the story here.😀

This novel is interesting and full of lessons. These are some of them:

  • Stick to whatever God wants you to do no matter how difficult it seems. Grace is available, just ask.
  • Don’t neglect your family as a minister of God. Your family needs you. Pst Ian’s only son suffered from parental neglect and it affected him. We all need genuine parental love and care, everything isn’t about money.

-Temptation is real but we can overcome through Christ.

-Pray for your church leaders. They need it

-The last one, it doesn’t matter how far you have gone, God is ready to receive you. Just come back to Him

Within the pages of this book are evidence of God’s undying love for us, the consequences of disobedience, and the importance of family.

This book is a page-turner and it is highly recommended. Everyone seeking to please God should read it.

I have good news for you.💃 I am giving out 2 copies. Kindly drop a comment in the comment section to qualify. I will pick randomly😉.

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Thanks Esther for writing this short and inspiring book. We are looking forward to reading your next book. More inspirations.

Fam, Thanks for reading. Much love from me.😘


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