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Love is beautiful, it makes life colourful.” Here is a great love story you will learn a lot from. Come with me…WUMFEM’19

An interview with the bride👩‍❤️‍👩

Can we meet you?

My name is Komolafe Omowumi Oluwabusola. I love Oluwabusola peculiarly though I have other names but let’s stop here… (laughs)

How did you meet?

We met for the first time at a Choir allnight in Church when he spotted me after the rehearsals worried and looking for my phone that some children had played away with

How did you move to the next stage from there?

He assisted me to look for it I said “thank you” and that was it.
I only asked for his name and of course, I told him mine and subsequently we just say “hello, hi” in Church.
But at that time, I invited one of my friends,who was my mate at the university, to church and she joined church and settled down in the branch where he attends.

Being an Usher there, he got to know her because there are times when he had to encourage her to stay for Believers’ class etc so somehow he got to know we were friends and he got more information about me from her but believe me I wasn’t envisaging it I was just doing my thing, loving GOD, striving to see my destiny happen.

So, during GOBC 2016 there was a prophetic move of Divine coupling but I didn’t know I was included because
by human mind interpretation I felt its some years time.
However, he moved with the move (laughs) and then, the proposal came. I prayed, I
convinced and here we are (Smiles) all glory to GOD

How did you feel when you got the proposal?

Well, he went straight to the point that day… I was silent for some seconds but the HOLY GHOST helped me cause I didn’t know how to react so I told him I would get back to him.

It felt good, you only need to experience it. It can’t be fully explained (laughs)

Wow, what a feeling!
Was it love at first sight?

Huh, of course he is a likeable person but it wasn’t love at first sight. We grew in love.

Was he all you wanted in a man at first?

What I’ve always wanted is God’s will for me. Sincerely, I wanted to get it right. Of course, I won’t want to marry an ugly or lazy person…so when it came I accepted the package not accessing to see if it meets criteria.

As Christians, we have boundaries in relating with the opposite sex, can you please tell us how you expressed love to each other during courtship?

Hmmmn, its via woooords…words o and of course not “sexually indulging words.”
Like making him know he’s the best for me and I won’t trade him for anything. Things like that and also acts of sacrifice; going out of my way ,honouring him and respecting him… In fact, at the start of courtship one thing I asked GOD for was to teach me to love him.

Though, emotions would rise and especially ‘close to wedding emotions’ but thank GOD for teachings in Church “You are not married until you are married” so consciously and unconsciously, we know we shouldn’t cross boundaries and GOD has been faithful like HE always is

Wow. That’s enlightening
Do you have any differences?

Plenty! but its part of what has helped us to be strong. He is more friendly so at times when I’m not relating with someone right, he brings me to order and at other times, we work around it to avoid friction.

Was there any challenge during your courtship?

Yes, to be sincere. We’ve had some disagreements even at this period, close to the wedding but the foundation of our support is that I know GOD led him to me.
So, When I yield to the HOLY SPIRIT, matters get resolved faster and avoidable matters are avoided. My Pastor once counseled me to stop doing what won’t work by trying to use force, malice or whatever to prove my point and it has helped me alot. However ,A gentle and a quiet spirit is one thing I desire now.

How to stop responding to my emotions and let the HOLY SPIRIT win has being the crux of the matter and it’s a battle.

That’s deep

How were you able to resolve it?

Basically, trying to apply what worked for me to your relationship won’t be the ideal because its different set of people but I learnt this from my spiritual mother and I feel it would help, pray to GOD to help you understand your spouse because it would go along way in resolving issues.

Also, he doesn’t like it when I go mute or charge at him so in any matter, I know I must not cross this. I must communicate my heart but not thread his ego.

We didn’t get there from day one o…(laughs) There were a few times we didn’t really talk for like 3days but at a point we made a principle not to sleep with unresolved issues. We are getting better. For every relationship, let your regenerated spirit lead.

Hmm. That’s expository. Can you describe him in one word?

One word? One word won’t do justice but I would describe him as a “Treasure”…He has the attributes of a treasure: He’s uncommon, special, priceless and so on (Smiles)

That smile speaks louder.

How has it been planning the wedding?

Hmmmn! It has been a battle, not of guns but of faith. I had to bring the teachings of Daddy (Rev.Olusola Areogun) on faith to bear. I haven’t passed 100% though.

In fact, at first I was the “Super worrier” but at one Living by the answer service as Daddy was ministering, the HOLY SPIRIT brought it to my heart that GOD is my Father and my biological parents are my Caretakers so my wedding day is God’s day of joy and I shouldn’t deny Him the joy of meeting my needs as HIS daughter. I repented and presented my list to God and its been Wonderful since then. Though at times I tend to forget but in it all, I have made mistakes and I’ve learnt lessons.

It’s been a season of great lessons and I’m getting better.

Hmm, battle of Faith

Any unforgettable moment?

Yes. So many but I’ll tell you some…
The day we met our Spiritual Father (Rev. Olusola Areogun) for prayers after I responded to his proposal, I can’t forget the look on his face that day.

Another one was my birthday when he brought cake for me at work after making me think he was travelling.

The birthday cake

Also, there was a time I had a major challenge that affected me. He stood by me.

There was another time when we faced the threat of our courtship been dissolved.I cant forget how we prayed together, broke bread together and we received solution… We’ve made so many memories together and its been awesome I must say.


How does it feel approaching April 13th, your wedding day?

Mixture of feelings.
When I think of the responsibilities about to rest on my shoulder and how I need God’s help not to fail etc.

But it feels good to know I’m going to be completely open to someone and I would have someone that is customized for me, I mean ‘mine’ and have my own home, family, house etc. It feels good (Smiles)

Advice to Singles out there

Love GOD genuinely, not for hidden personal motives. God doesn’t want us to just accept HIS love but He wants us to love HIM.

I could have ended in a wrong marriage but mercy found me out. When I joined Church, getting things right in destiny was my focus and I met him in the process.

I have made mistakes, maybe more than all my readers but I love GOD and I want more of HIM like never before. Let the love of God be the root from which all other things grow…

Secondly, let GOD choose for you, it might not look like what you want now but only GOD knows what every human being would be later in life.

Lastly, I want you to know JESUS loves you. Make sure you are saved. Thank you

Wow, it’s been a wonderful time with you,ma’am. Thanks for your time.





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