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Perfect Match (Episodes 5 and 6)

Perfect Match (Episodes 3 and 4)


Rose was busy folding her laundry as worship songs played smoothly in her room. Gone are the loneliness and cloudiness in her life, since she decided to raise an altar for her future home. She also makes it a duty to daily soak herself in the love of God for her. Whenever she felt lonely, defeated or unloved, she turned them to prayers and praise, dancing and confessing the love of God for her.

The joy in her life was obvious for all to see during Desire’s wedding. She was everywhere, dancing and rejoicing with her friend. Anyone who tried to remind her of her single state gets the reply that “God has done it” When they ask for a date, she gives them “I will keep you posted”

Mama Adamson’s son has not reached out but she has settled it in her mind that she is not waiting for a man but she is waiting for God to settle her at the appointed time. She decided to call her marriage forth and she has received it even before she sees it.

Her phone vibrated and it signals a WhatsApp message. She touched her notification to check the message.

+1 (522) 723-4576 “Hi, My name is Olabanji Adamson, I got your number from my Mum”

Immediately she saw the message, her heart started beating fast and she quickly dropped the phone. She stood still for a while before she opened her WhatsApp Messaging Application

+1 (522) 723-4576 This message was deleted

“Oh my my…Ha ha!… This guy is not serious at all. Is he afraid?”

“Hello, Mr Olabanji from ‘my mum’ Why did you delete your message?”

“Oh! You saw it right. I just thought it is the wrong line, using my Mum and All”

“It’s fine. She informed me before she gave you my contact. How are you doing today?”

“Oh, All right then. I am good, thank you. How are you too?”

“I am bouncing in the Lord. All thanks to God”



Rose looked at the phone for a while; expecting to see him typing but she gave up when nothing was forthcoming. She returned to the task of stacking her clothes in her wardrobe. After about five minutes, she heard a beep on her phone.

“Hey, Rose, a little bird told me you laughed at me when you saw that I deleted my message”

“Yes now, why won’t I? I was like, is he afraid or something”

“Good one. I’m gonna wait for my turn. Do you think it is easy to be chatting with the founder of an organisation for people on the street?”

“Wow! Do you know about Home for All? Interesting. Olabanji, have you been stalking me?”

“Nope, that’s not Christianly to do. I just checked your social media to know how to reach out to you”

Olabanji wanted to add that He dropped a message in her DM and deleted it but he decided against it. He doesn’t want to appear unsure or shy.

“Oh. Okay. So what do you do?”

They continued chatting for a while until Rose heard a knock on her door and opened the door to receive Desire, who was in town for a seminar.

“Tell me you forgot that I would visit today.”

“I did not oh my sister. I have been busy. How is your husband?”

“He is doing well. He extends his greetings. The Seminar today was power-packed but I am famished. What did you cook?”

Desire left a smiling Rose in the room to get food from the kitchen.

“You will not believe who I saw at the seminar, I was so shocked that….Rose,…Olayemi Rose!”

“Yeah, what did you say?”

“Who are you chatting with?”


“Which Olabanji? …Hmmm…Mama Adamson’s Olabanji?”


“Interesting. Start talking before I seize that phone. Is he cool, do you like him?”

“Like ke, how come? We just met, I mean we just started talking”

“Hmmn…is that a deep smile I see on your mouth, Hah! My friend has fallen”

…to be continued


Rose sat at the church office reception waiting for her turn to see Pastor Bolaji. She tried to rack her brain to know why he had requested to see her but she couldn’t point to anything at all.

Pastor Bolaji is the associate pastor in charge of youths, and the head of the marriage committee of the church. The viable reason why Pastor Bolaji sees youths is either for an interview for a post in the church or a marriage proposal.

Rose silently prayed that the purpose of the meeting would be neither of the two. She has her hand full with Work, Home for All and her role as secretary to the outreach department.

“What if Banji has spoken to Pastorate and Pastor Bolaji wants to inform her about it?”

Rose shook off the thought. Yes, Olabanji, whom she now calls BJ have built a strong friendship but they have also agreed to be just friends unless God says otherwise. They also agreed not to be under pressure to take their friendship to another level as they are both waiting on God.

“What if it is another brother from the church?”

“Sister Rose, the Pastor will see you now.”

“Thank you, Mary.”

The Steps to Pastor Bolaji’s office seem like a million instead of just ten. She did a cross sign before knocking on the door and stepping into the office.

“Good afternoon, sir”

“Oh, Sister Rose. How are you doing today”

“We thank God, sir. Happy Sunday and happy wedding anniversary sir.”

“Thank you so much. So, let’s move on to why you are here, there are many people I need to see and I am also taking Mummy out for dinner, so I need to leave here on time.”

“All right, sir.”

“So, Rose, when I requested to see you, what were the thoughts on your mind?”

“Ha, I don’t know sir. I was at a loss because we just finished the selection of Youths executives, so it cannot be for an interview and I do not know of any brother moving close to me, so I guess maybe you want to encourage me.”

There was silence in the office as Pastor Bolaji took his time before moving on with the conversation. If Rose says there is no man she was close to, then why did a man approach the church for permission to court her?

“So, you are saying there is no man you are close to presently? Or who has shown interest in you?”

“No sir. I am waiting on God”

“What of Olabanji Adamson”

“Oh! He is just a friend sir. He skipped my mind.”

“Hmmnn. Okay. Olabanji Adamson has approached the Pastorate about courting you in view of marriage. He has been subjected to our protocol for courtship and he also shared his strong conviction. I am only sharing with you to know your disposition towards it. So, what do you think about him?”

“Like I said sir, he is a very good friend. We got connected through his Mum, who is my overseer in the church. We talked and agreed to be friends, so I am shocked by this revelation”

“I know you would be shocked when you did not mention his name earlier. He has been charged to pray more and be sure before approaching you but I want you to know that the ball is in your court. Start praying to know the mind of God, so that you can be properly guided when he comes. The fact that he lives abroad shouldn’t deter you, neither should it be your push. You are well aware that the role of the church is to guide the two of you into God’s fulfilling purpose for your lives and not to match-make or propose on his behalf.”

“I understand sir”

“Good. I assure you that we have taken due diligence on our part which includes speaking with his pastor and friends over there without his knowledge. He means well and he is sure of God’s will. It is now your turn to pray and pray through. After this conversation, he will be granted permission to approach you. We do this majorly to filter out deceivers and pretender brothers, whose mission is to deceive and destroy the daughters of Zion. If he cannot speak to your Pastor first before you, then he has something hidden behind his sleeves. The righteous are as bold as a lion. Do you get me, Rose?”

“I perfectly understand, Sir. I  am grateful to the church.”

“Alright then, let us pray….”

…to be continued


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